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the property of being imperceptible by the mind or the senses

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In this paper, PSNR is used for measurement of imperceptibility of proposed watermarking algorithm.
This novel procedure of elements selection provides better results in respect of imperceptibility and robustness, that can further be ensured from results in section V.
Most of the researchers are taking extra care on imperceptibility and payload as compared to robustness.
The Imperceptibility performance of stego images obtained by using proposed scheme satisfied the minimum requirement of imperceptibility benchmark and was better than the performance of Lee's Technique (Fig-3).
Cryptography, Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT), embedding strength factors, hiding capacity, imperceptibility, robustness, security, steganography, wavelet fusion.
A model for enhanced robustness and security of DFT based watermarking scheme is also proposed which can be further investigated for fulfillment of robustness, security and imperceptibility requirements.
14) In passages like this, Austen's distinctively ironizing dialectic of character and narrator thins to imperceptibility.
Bernhard's prose renders this transformation in various subtle ways, corresponding to the imperceptibility to the intern of the modulation.
The fundamental socio-political institutions are increasingly affected by the invisible infiltration of "a nomadic war machine" (Deleuze and Guattari 2004: 387-467), whose salient feature lies in its deterritorialised imperceptibility, mutability and supposed all-pervasiveness.
Sea urchins rippled their spines with the imperceptibility of a clock's minute hand.
However, the claim about the politics of appearance, of visibility, and the narcissism attached to it--while being a slightly unfair and simplistic interpretation of Ranciere (Ranciere is not advocating anything like an identity politics; on the contrary, it is about 'disidentification') (50)--at the same time leads me to think that the most interesting gesture of radical politics today is not one of appearance and visibility, but rather of invisibility and imperceptibility.
He characterizes our everyday aesthetic experiences as significant sites where ideological struggles occur, often without our conscious knowledge, and argues that this imperceptibility makes them difficult to resist (Duncum, 1999, 2002).
This is due to digital watermark's crucial features such as; imperceptibility, inseparability of the content from the watermark, and its intrinsic ability to undergo the same transformation experienced by the host signal.
The impossibility of representing the dissolution of the self towards imperceptibility finds formal expression in the shame of the postcolonial novel, of shame as the form of the experience of perceptual dissonance and discrepancy (p46).
It is this invisibility, this imperceptibility of pain, that is striking in the play in the same way as in the photographs themselves.