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Synonyms for imperativeness

the state of demanding notice or attention

the quality of being insistent


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In this context, the problems generated by the economic crisis were felt differently in EU countries, depending on their gravity and imperativeness.
69) The Pemberton court based the imperativeness of the procedure on two rationales: the fetus's imminent birth and the mother's desire to avoid a specific procedure, not the birth itself.
For example, both in Estonian and Lithuanian the imperative mood is used to express imperativeness with highly different shades--starting with a polite wish and ending with a peremptory command.
However, with the undisputable imperativeness of mobility among businesses, the traction for MMS solution across other verticals such as retail and public sector has substantially grown.
Ramsey is committed to teaching about the imperativeness of bridging the gap between naturopathic and conventional medical practices.
The imperativeness of providing adequate security to ensure the non-disruption of the production and supplies of crude oil became paramount to the U.
Domenech recognizes the imperativeness of aiding those who have laid their lives on the line for the country, and is doing his part to ensure that needs of his fellow servicemen, which Domenech asserts are not being met by the federal government, are addressed through nongovernmental endeavors.
Not all air cargo matches the imperativeness of those drill bits, but shortening the supply chain often takes on urgent tones.
By focusing on the prospects of agricultural growth, particularly in the light of the imperativeness of overall efficiency of investment, land improvement, irrigation(major and medium irrigation projects, minor surface works, groundwater, getting more per drop of water), production technology, supporting infrastructure, incentive improvement, and the centrality of equity argument in the Indian context, it seeks to place the core issue of growth of the Indian agricultural sector within the context of globalisation.