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Synonyms for imperativeness

the state of demanding notice or attention

the quality of being insistent


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At a minimum the erga omnes construct conveys the sacrosanctity of the prohibitions on taking life and on genocide, and the imperativeness of suppressing mass atrocities by providing a mechanism, like the proposed peoples' right, to reliably stop them.
Correspondingly, Idoro [2] notes the imperativeness of creating awareness among stakeholders in the construction industry on the contributions of contractors based on their categories.
There is need for a strategic (non-conventional) approach that will take into consideration these realities vis-a-vis the imperativeness of personal enterprise.
The on-going attempts by Pakistan's security forces to control mental mistreatment in the tribal zones and elsewhere instigates the trust that this peril will be brought under control which will empower the rebuilding of Pakistan's economy and the complete of all China bolstered errands in Pakistan for money related change, industrialization, imperativeness, establishment, individual and worldwide trade.
The liveliness and imperativeness of the discourse is shown on what we considered to be the normative imports of the belief.
Insofar as discussed above the imperativeness to introduce theories and approaches in political communication into CDA and PDA, I discuss how and in what way political communication can benefit CDA and especially PDA in the next section.
The lifetime of energy constrained frameworks by using less imperativeness plans to fabricate the consumptional controlling unimportant current work.
Writing as a comparative and feminist theologian, her work exemplifies how to acknowledge the dialogical nature of religious identities and theology, the imperativeness of justice, and the problem of Western imperialism in academic discourses.
We can change over all the free bio-mass into imperativeness by getting prepared charcoal bio-briquette.
Past myocardial localized necrosis were connected with lower health and imperativeness [5].
Followings are chronological proceedings which directly or indirectly contributed in formation and signifying the imperativeness of FIUs at country level.
Their Royal Highnesses emphasized GCC integration imperativeness which necessitates consideration of joint interest.
The deep changes in the economic, political, and social structure that frequently come with economic crises determine imperativeness to the question of child and youth development.
then' conditionality and imperativeness of law is useful to explain the nature of individual rule but he assigns the normative character to the prescriptive aspects of law and calls the descriptive aspects as 'merely positive'.
The imperativeness of a developing business can't be disregarded as Cisco falls prey to its rivals.