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a mood that expresses an intention to influence the listener's behavior

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On the one hand, there are semantic misgivings: because of the 'middle voice' character of verbs of the csuklik type, their imperative form is "superfluous".
bar]t; see Geiger 1916: 132), and the imperative form P[a.
The masculine singular imperative form of the root '-b-d with a third masculine singular object suffix.
The 2m sg imperative form of the verb rakabum is, therefore rikab 'mount, ride.
Thus, what these three idioms have in common is the surprising occurrence of the imperative form of the verb in questions.
The me-ending form is the only imperative form of the 1st person plural in everyday conversations.
In contemporary Estonian the gem-/kem-marked 1PL imperative form is used first and foremost in those cases where one wishes to emphasize the speaker's central role in the action expressed by the verb.
imperative form *[subset]ul(l), the original geminated final -Il would have been simplified in speech.
In Latvian the third person imperative form has not become generalized to the other persons either.
You shouldn't have come home at a proper time at night' is a past jussive form if it refers to the third person and a past imperative form if it refers to the second person (Muiczniece, Metslang, Pajusalu 1999 : 147-148).
The latter developed by generalizing the third person imperative form.
and the choice of the negative imperative morpheme aade must 'see' that what precedes it is an imperative form (verb-stem, in this case that of an aspectual verb) in order to get the proper negative allomorph.
A generalization involving second person and imperative forms is not at all unexpected.
The indicative, conditional and imperative forms distinguish between three persons: the first (1), second (2), and the third (3) and two numbers: the singular and the plural.
65-89), and "Index of Attested Imperative Forms in the Rigveda" (pp.