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urged or forced to action through moral pressure


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Impelled by surely I cannot say what motive, I glanced at the top of the page; it was a copy of that rare and curious work, "Denneker's Meditations," and the lady's index finger rested on this passage:
At length, during two more long years, he traversed these barbarous regions, impelled by that superhuman energy that comes from God.
There was a plaintive and natural melody in the tones of the speaker's voice, as she thus unconsciously uttered her concern, that impelled the listener to advance to the side of the carriage, where a short conversation passed between the gentlemen, and the stranger returned to the ladies, who were yet lingering near the spot, apparently unwilling to depart from a scene that had so deeply interested one of them.
He was as strongly impelled to look painful facts right in the face as Arthur was to turn away his eyes from them.
Adam," Arthur said, impelled to full confession now, "it would never have happened if I'd known you loved her.
For half a minute the ape-man stood noting distant landmarks that he judged might be in the vicinity of the fallen plane, for no sooner had he realized that these people were again in trouble than his inherent sense of duty to his own kind impelled him once more to forego his plans and seek to aid them.
The transformation from an English gentleman, impelled by the most humanitarian motives, to that of a wild beast crouching in the concealment of a dense bush ready to spring upon its approaching prey, was instantaneous.
What, under my endless obsession, I had been impelled to listen for was some betrayal of his not being at rest, and I presently caught one, but not in the form I had expected.
A more dishonest public administration tends to be less tempting to intrinsically impelled employees.
In November, 2012, because of the difficulties in production and financial problems, New Wood was impelled into receivership.
On leave from writing for A7 in order to finish her new book, the apalling murder-rape in India impelled the author to write this incisive and horrifying article about what happens to women in the Hindu and Muslim world.
I recently had some dealings with HSBC bank's Muharraq branch and felt impelled to write regarding the excellent service.
Impelled by the elusive quest for good looks and well-being, however, skin consultants are being sought not only by beauticians, models and the dermatologically challenged, but also by architects, engineers, enterprising developers and informed clients.
In June 2006, the Knights of Columbus were impelled to cancel their boys' summer camp, because Loney insisted on working there, as he had done in previous years.
He weaves in the relationships with Indians (complex and originally mutually respectful), observations about the incredible diversity of peoples that moved through Amsterdam and then New Amsterdam, interactions among the European countries that vied for power on the seas and in the New World, the technology that was opening up the world of the 17th century, the impulses--desire for furs and spices, new maps, curiosity--that impelled exploration, and the natural world they encountered.