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This is an unacceptable behaviour that reflects a lack of awareness among community members who are oblivious of the fact that their crowding around accident sites impedes the efforts to help the injured in a timely manner," he continued.
Comfort Zone is a web-based human/ergonomic assessment program that helps employers identify, measure, and correct factors that impede worker performance.
TEI agrees that tax treaties generally mark an important step in reducing economic barriers that impede trade and that the affected businesses should make their views on the treaties known to the pertinent members of Congress.
President Clinton tried to impede, cover up or delay the offering of evidence and testimony in the Jones case, a federal civil rights action.
It then seeks comments on whether exclusive contracts are impeding competition and what specific steps the FCC should take to ensure that exclusive contracts do not unreasonably impede competitive entry.
Because your Board intends to act in the best interests of all stockholders, we believe these hostile actions are unnecessary, are disruptive and may delay or impede our efforts to maximize value for all of our stockholders.
The Complaint alleges, among other things, that defendants failed to reveal that, on or before January 28, 2000, CDnow's outside auditor advised CDnow management of its "substantial doubt about (CDnow's) ability to continue as a going concern, that this "going concern" qualification would impede the merger with Columbia House and that CDnow could not survive without a merger partner.
Perry and other Pentagon officials said the zone - extending from the border with Kuwait to the southern edge of Baghdad - would impede Saddam's military operations across the country.
Accordingly, in our opinion, any action taken by you to impede the ability of your stockholders to make this fundamental choice or to receive a premium for their shares may cause irreparable damage to ACA and stockholder value.
The complaint alleges that the Atlantic Coast board's inequitable manipulation of the rules by which the consent solicitation shall be considered impedes the ability of Atlantic Coast's shareholders to exercise their voting rights, and may impede their right to receive superior value for their shares.
Goodman's research shows that COX-2 inhibitors also impede the new bone growth that normally helps heal a fracture or stabilize a joint implant.
Megisto's Professional Services package overcomes technical and resource obstacles that impede the delivery of enterprise IT applications via mobile devices, supporting both Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs (including IPSec VPNs with the requisite certificate support), flexible authentication and addressing, as well as overlapping private addresses.
This form helps determine whether the client's attitude, behavior, existing external situations, or potential employer barriers may impede the job search.
You know, there are Congressmen who will say to you, "I don't believe taxes impede your competitiveness.
The protection is especially important for touch-screen devices where nicks and scratches can impede regular practicality.