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painting that applies the pigment thickly so that brush or palette knife marks are visible

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These effects are achieved by controlling paint and medium and making effective use of troth dense impastos and thin glazes.
The impasto technique employed by Corot can be explained to children with the analogy of thick paint to look like icing on a cake.
Instantly recognisable, Auerbach's viscous, impasto technique is both true to the texture of his medium and the physicality of the subjects he depicts.
Even at this early stage in his career, however, he used thick impasto paint.
It could be used thinly or thickly, with or without impasto medium, and applied with a brush or knife in any way that seemed appropriate.
Maracas Series--Pluck, to cite one example of many, conjoins diluted runnel and opaque blot; audacious stroke and calligraphic tangle; scumble, dot, impasto, and wash, splintering the very terrain it defines.
He attempts to recreate the sensory and emotional experience of natural events such as light at the shoreline in his large scale, subtly coloured canvases dotted with half buried-in-the-sand impasto pebbles.
Uncompromisingly painterly--he applies oil in thick impasto in a manner reminiscent of Emile Nolde--there is a frankness to his compositions and an unadulterated passion for the physical nature of the colour.
There is also a depth of color with oils that is rich and resonant, and oils can be used in many ways to create a washy appearance or thick impasto.
Who wouldn't enjoy learning to paint in impasto, the whipped cream oozing from a chocolate eclair?
From sweeping arabesque lines to tight fields of blocky impasto, a mash-up of gestures was represented, as Henderson self-consciously restaged various canonical modes of painterly expression and popular forms of appropriation.
It is an image of profound pathos and tenderness mediated through ragged, violent brushstrokes, alternating with gaps of barely covered canvas and clumps of thick impasto.
Years ago she experimented with oils and a range of impasto but the opacity, the density, the sheer gloopiness of the finished product reminded her of Artex or peanut butter.
Its versatility is explored with close-ups of pigments thinned with water for use in traditional watercolor techniques, used with opaque white for gouache, or piled layer on layer with a palette knife for impasto effects.
They selected Van Gogh as one of their five, knowing that the kindergartners could experiment with a heavy impasto and expressive brushstrokes.