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painting that applies the pigment thickly so that brush or palette knife marks are visible

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learn different painting techniques using acrylic paint, from dry brush, to water, to impasto painting, using the same subject matter study.
Meanwhile, the artwork is a celebration of the expressionist stuff of paint, with heavy turbulent impasto creating textured surfaces, animated and dynamic in feeling: colour is used for emotional and atmospheric means.
Whilst work such as Baranowska's bears the influence of Expressionism and early Polish modernism, many other artists adopt the language of English modernism: Henryk Gotlib's Torso, 1963, shows the influence of Francis Bacon and Lucien Freud, whilst Francizka Themerson's textured layers and thick impasto are resonant of the style of Frank Auerbach.
The paintings, with their wedding-cake-icing-thick impasto brushstrokes, illustrate a German pastoral countryside that fulfills two nightmarish visions: the romantic/nationalistic imagery conjured up by the National Socialists, and the impracticable and cruel scenario of the New Germany, a nation of farmers, emptied of much of its population through starvation and forced migration.
I often paint in severe sunlight which is the most obvious aspect of my work, the blinding glare of the noonday sun and the dark cast shadows dramatically cutting through the picture plane of the crust impasto art works, he says.
The products of these observations thus don't appear to be artificial; instead, like the rich texture of Van Gogh's impasto landscapes, they walk the line between the traditional and the boldly contemporary.
At the heart of the collection are fabulous florals: Paradiso, produced using new digital printing techniques; Fabienne with its impressive impasto effect; and Artisan, which, through special printing techniques, captures the essence and the vibrancy of the original delicately sketched watercolour artwork.
He enjoys the expressive physicality of the impasto which is gestural in places and precise in others, dark in patches and then illuminated in others.
In another context, perhaps without the competition of the Winokurs, it might work, but here I could not escape the feeling that the strength of his forms is weakened by surfaces that are too flat both literally and in the sense that the impasto emphasizes the exterior only.
Trishla's art is inspired by the Impasto technique of painting, where paint is laid on the canvas in thick layers.
Both were talented artists - Frankla painted traditional still-lives, while John did landscapes using a bold impasto style.
McMillan's paintings reflect two distinctive styles: pixelism and impasto freestyle.
What was particularly enjoyable about this project was we used an impasto medium on wall surface and paintings, which gave a textured, impasto effect dimension to the paintings when viewed closely.
A frothy wave would not become a tame, thin coat of paint in Homer's hands, but a layer filled with impasto scribbles, dashes, and loops.
Likewise, Brendan Cass's meticulously calculated Dutch Landscape (2007), based on images from old travel brochures overlaid with a heavy acrylic impasto, takes us on a rather wistful trip down memory lane.