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Synonyms for impassive

Synonyms for impassive

Synonyms for impassive

having or revealing little emotion or sensibility


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deliberately impassive in manner

References in classic literature ?
And Michael, strung as a taut string, knowing that something was expected of him, on his toes to serve, remembered his ancient lessons on the Makambo, vainly looked into the impassive face of Steward for a sign, then looked about and saw, not TWO glasses, but ONE glass.
In the balcony, and here and there below, shone the impassive faces of women.
It is my dearest ambition to be as impassive as the Sphinx.
Beeson broke out, almost fiercely, fixing his eyes on what he could see of the impassive face of his auditor:
And through it all moved the Iron Heel, impassive and deliberate, shaking up the whole fabric of the social structure in its search for the comrades, combing out the Mercenaries, the labor castes, and all its secret services, punishing without mercy and without malice, suffering in silence all retaliations that were made upon it, and filling the gaps in its fighting line as fast as they appeared.
She was, in very truth, the Florentine judge, stern, stately, impassive.
Hate that was malignant was in Rivera's eyes, but his face remained impassive.
Thus the travelers enclosed within the projectile were enabled to follow with their eyes the impassive needle which marked the precise moment of their departure.
They counted the hours as they passed too slow for their wish; Barbicane and Nicholl were obstinately plunged in their calculations, Michel going and coming between the narrow walls, and watching that impassive moon with a longing eye.
His face was impassive as ever, and the strange unreality of the man struck me afresh.
Every time a door opened, all eyes there turned towards it and back to the manager of the "Epoque," who sat impassive in his place.
The doctor made his examination with impassive face.
He shared his food, his repose, and his thoughts; he knew his plans, guarded his secrets; and, impassive behind his master's agitation, without stirring the least bit, murmured above his head in a soothing tone some words difficult to catch.
The young man preserved an impassive, moody countenance, though he reproached himself bitterly for a pernicious fool, to have given thus an utterly false impression of intimacy.
From that moment she was impassive, proud and cold - held Sissy at a distance - changed to her altogether.