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the transmission of information

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This “Boot Camp” will share the various ways the Glory of God can manifest and how you can step into it daily as well as providing a time of impartation.
Such a distinction not only draws attention to the chasm that exists between Bede's and our own, often radically-individualistic assumptions about what a text is and does; it affords us a language to continue reimagining the work of theological reading as not merely the impartation or apprehension of information, but rather as a fully-embodied "activity" which both makes possible and is made possible by the "soul's return to God in the company of faith" (Candler 167).
This is especially useful for the impartation of library rules and regulations.
Hence, grace may be understood as: (1) a state of right standing with God, (2) an impartation of power to live and act in a godly manner, and (3) as particular behaviors resultant from (1) and (2) above.
An example of the latter variety would be the impartation of spin on a ball, which factors prominently in many sports.
Dr Muhammad Qaiser in his convocation address said that with impartation of quality education the country can make rapid headway in the comity of nations.
Sweet pepper it's known for its pungency, impartation of flavours to foods and richness in vitamins.
With wild fisheries already limited, it's unlikely that the domestic fish supply can be increased from wild fisheries, and aquaculture represents a better alternative than increased impartation to maintain per-capita consumption for a growing population.
The specific resources included at the end of the book serve as additional models for developing a local plan or strategy: A plan for creating and using the Treasure Map, a model plan for healing and conducting a Divine encounter, and Study Guide Resources for questions, prayers of impartation, and Treasure Hunt Activities.
Nevertheless the knowledge has to be made valuable through impartation to the necessary organizational units and individuals.
My interest was always in aptitude and artistry, rather than the impartation, or invitation of sex or eroticism as defined by a Western patriarchal, society.
The view according to which an emphasis on training and technical skills stands in contradiction to the development of the artist's independent thinking has led to a situation in which art schools have stopped stressing the impartation of techniques over the past few decades.
Islamabad, July 25 -- Human resource development and impartation of a skill-set to blue-collar workers plays an important role in significant economic growth.
The Wagner Leadership Institute will have no academic requirements for entrance into any of its programs; the faculty will be successful and effective apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers; the educational environment will be one of impartation of anointing and skills for ministry and not simply the transmission of information; there will be no resident students or geographic limitations (an Australian branch is the first international center to receive a franchise), and the student body will be limited to those active in ministry, not admitting preservice candidates.