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Materials offer resistance to light and heat, and impart minimal odor and taste.
Specifically, these assignments and projects must impart some real-life experience to the students.
Not only do teachers impart musical knowledge to students, they have the responsibility of building them up psychologically as well.
The pitch of a dog's bark also imparts useful information, the higher the pitch the more playful the intent.
Lexan SLX film--coextruded in a clear cap layer over a colored layer and applied over various substrates to impart a Class A surface--is available in gauges of 20 and 30 mils.
Her dancers strike pretentious poses and impart little.
Caragold(R) is now being used by UK beverage manufacturers to impart creamy caramelised flavour to hot drinks.
Artists who turn wood into aesthetic and utilitarian treasures use a variety of methods, but there is one constant: a respect for the medium and a desire to impart that respect to others.
After decades in the field, Nicks continues to impart this message in his role as a guest teacher in demand around the world.
However, the strictly chronological layout of this book does impart the continuous development of Ando's art.
As another way to enhance the appearance of a building's public areas, and at the same time impart a distinctive image, owners are placing a new emphasis on acquiring and installing quality art - paintings, murals, sculpture or tapestries - frequently artworks that have been commissioned to "fit" a designated space and carry out a particular theme.
CHICAGO -- Accendo Technologies, an Irish company providing innovative professional services and technology solutions, and Impart Solutions, a United States corporation providing proprietary, subscription-based ERP solutions and service, announced today their intent to partner and integrate their respective "software as a service" solutions.
According to a spokesman of Punjab Education Foundation, NIDM will impart hands-on training on disaster and emergency preparedness related topics.
Contract award: provision of promotional and advertising services for 2014-2016 by capitol musical theatre in wroclaw under the sponsorship package offered by bf impart 2016 kghm polish copper sa.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) organized three-daylong training workshop to impart training of Medical First Responder to the Patrolling Officers/officials of Motorway Police, Central Zone, Lahore.