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the act of piercing with a sharpened stake as a form of punishment or torture

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The connection to this particular program is not gratuitous, as we see in early shots prior to the impalement and in later scenes as the media whirlwind takes off, images of the real-life host, Jorge Javier Vazquez, in a cameo role presiding over the plato of a similar show, "Rumore rumore" airing on the fictitious Antenacinco.
We suspect that death probably followed quickly after the encounter with the cactus because these fawns had milk in their stomach, suggesting the fawns fed recently and did not die of starvation because of the impalement.
Defence barrister Sean Guerin suggested the cause of Dean Fitzpatrick's death was self impalement and the jury would have to decide not if it was Mahon's fault, but if he bore criminal responsibility.
Nevertheless, Michael Cisco has no trouble enumerating five of the "fundamental human fears" we find again and again in Slumberland: falling through space, being smothered under an avalanche of soft objects, falling on sharp objects or impalement, drowning, and having the solid ground collapse beneath one as in an earthquake.
Impalement itself, in palus, spiked on a wooden stake, indicates crucifixion, but to interpret correctly is then ex-cruciation, removal from the spike.
Also with time, the cross took on other meanings, often pagan, in folk religious practices, such as the cross supposedly being the only effective way to kill a vampire, by impalement into its heart.
Defining crucifixion as execution by suspension but excluding impalement and hanging, Cook explores the practice in the Roman world between the Second Punic war, when the first historical crucifixions appear in Roman texts, to its end under Constantine.
Instead of emptying my mind, I'll start conjuring up potential headlines in tomorrow's local newspaper: Head Impalement At Local Leisure Centre
He added that the UN is not a charitable association, nor the General Secretariat is the side which we can depend to impalement the resolution, but the member states should apply resolution 2178.
The gospel tradition agrees with what we know of crucifixion from Greco-Roman records and such: the trial, the severe beating beforehand, the procession with the person carrying the cross, the means of impalement, the placards, a public setting.
Ezrahi never describes what gets danced onstage in Spartacus, beyond one statement that its hero's impalement on the lances of Crassus's troops [Crassus was the Roman enemy general] creates a Christ-like vision of heroic martyrdom" (224) and sparse assertions two pages later that the choreography for Crassus "includes goose steps" and "a physically grueling cascade of jumps" (226).
Droves of devotees trek to Balaan Bukid (Holy Mountain) on those two days to Guimaras to witness the traditional passion drama depicting Christ's impalement.
The PC110 Suprotek Impalement Safety Cap minimizes risks on the jobsite and is compliant with 0SHA requirement 344.
Mae Wet claimed that the story was altered because the new version sounded more polite than the old one, which states that Thong Kham was killed by impalement.
The girl presented with a severe impalement injury with a metallic pipe.