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Synonyms for impale

Synonyms for impale

pierce with a sharp stake or point

kill by piercing with a spear or sharp pole


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Its movables were ugly old chairs with worn-out seats, and ugly old chairs without any seats; a threadbare patternless carpet, a maimed table, a crippled wardrobe, a lean set of fire-irons like the skeleton of a set deceased, a washing-stand that looked as if it had stood for ages in a hail of dirty soapsuds, and a bedstead with four bare atomies of posts, each terminating in a spike, as if for the dismal accommodation of lodgers who might prefer to impale themselves.
I was struck with one of the report author's suggestion that the bird is its own worst enemy: they throw up when scared, fly poor and impale themselves on thorns and are hated by local fisherman.
Young fawns who can't jump the fence may impale themselves on the metal as they try to crawl underneath.
Some passion vines grow hooked hairs that can impale a caterpillar.
Her objects do not just hang on the wall or sit on the floor: They lurk, lying in wait to trap the viewer's gaze in lush, velvety folds or to impale it on spiky latticework.