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Synonyms for impale

Synonyms for impale

pierce with a sharp stake or point

kill by piercing with a spear or sharp pole


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Some passion vines grow hooked hairs that can impale a caterpillar.
Her objects do not just hang on the wall or sit on the floor: They lurk, lying in wait to trap the viewer's gaze in lush, velvety folds or to impale it on spiky latticework.
SECRET Service agents have launched an investigation into a man who wants to be the next US President - after he vowed to impale George Bush.
In a series of four tableaux spread across two galleries, Messager employed thin metal rods either to impale or to support objects against the wall.
At one point the rod supports Grant, who is treated like a pig ready for roasting; then it impales Biesecker; later still, the dancers sequentially jump the pole.