impacted tooth

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a disorder in which a tooth is so crowded in its socket that it cannot erupt normally


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Kokich and Mathews present this concise summary of impacted tooth management, organized by the location of the impacted tooth.
The technique involves surgical exposure of the impacted tooth, after which a magnet is bonded to the tooth surface.
0%) cysts were found to be associated with an impacted tooth.
Since cone beam scanning permits multiple slices through the axial, sagittal and coronal views, the guesswork is removed when it is critical to determine the width of edentulous ridges, whether or not cancellous bone exists between cortical plates, the position of supernumerary and developing tooth buds, if sockets have filled with bones, if irregularities exist to the condyles, where the mandibular nerve is relative to an impacted tooth and implant sites, or to visualize the borders of a cyst or tumor.
The Jets offense reminds me of an impacted tooth on tax day.