impacted tooth

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a disorder in which a tooth is so crowded in its socket that it cannot erupt normally


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Pell and Gregory11 classified the depth of the impacted tooth by setting a relationship between the cementoenamel junction (CEJ) of third molar with the bone level.
After removing the tumor, the impacted tooth removed with known methods (Figure 5).
It is a slow growing tumor which is commonly located in the mandibular posterior area and is often associated with an impacted tooth.
Association of the lesions with impacted teeth and their relations to the root or crown region of the impacted tooth were investigated (Figure 4).
They appear in children as pericoronal sclerotic lesions with a thin radiolucent rim and are commonly associated with an impacted tooth.
A panoramic radiograph revealed totally impacted tooth 48, located horizontally, class C2 according to Pell and Gregory [12].
An impacted tooth is a tooth that is prevented from erupting into its rightful position in the oral cavity because of malposition, lack of space, or other impediments [2].
Most of the time it's just the humdrum, dull, droning ache at the base of your skull, like an impacted tooth beginning to make itself felt.
3) Although our patient had an impacted tooth within his lesion, he was free of the gastrointestinal symptoms associated with Gardner syndrome.
The reason was that an impacted tooth could cause a pilot a lot of pain if he flew above 5,000 feet.
Kokich and Mathews present this concise summary of impacted tooth management, organized by the location of the impacted tooth.
2% of total), the impacted tooth was palatally positioned (class I, according to the classification of Archer [16]).
A chance of inadequate PDL development as an effective attachment with an impacted tooth (nonfunctioning tooth) Healing of dental pulp
The technique involves surgical exposure of the impacted tooth, after which a magnet is bonded to the tooth surface.