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Synonyms for impact

Synonyms for impact

violent forcible contact between two or more things

the strong effect exerted by one person or thing on another

the capacity to create a powerful effect


Synonyms for impact

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Clearly they are not the same age, and since that is the fundamental test for an impact string, you can rule out that hypothesis," says Luczaj.
While the project preserves the portion of the corridor running through Los Angeles County, it incorrectly assumes that land on the Ventura County side is available and preserved for that use, the county's response to the environmental impact report states.
Other impact modifiers include Escor acid terpolymers, lotek ionomers, and Optema ethylene methyl acrylate (EMA) polymers.
Through the 1980s, impact supporters strengthened their case by finding numerous other clues preserved in the K-T boundary clay layer around the world.
Strong Authentication and Encryption for In-memory Agent--With CORE IMPACT 6.
NYsynblak NBR black master-batches are used as combination impact modifiers and black concentrates for ABS and nylon.
Many scientists who support the impact theory have estimated that half of all life on Earth went belly up in abrupt extinctions at the K-T boundary.
We used CORE IMPACT as one of our testing tools because it allows us to quickly and easily replicate the types of attacks that network IPS products face in real environments every day.
Also in the works are impact copolymers for injection molding, which will combine the optical properties of mPP with good impact strength at below-freezing temperatures.
The prospective impact crater has worn several different labels over the decades as its character has gradually come to light.
With the Zero Impact Installation option, financial institutions can enjoy the same proven protection of Fraud Analyst without integration into their web-based banking applications, and can unify authentication for distinct online applications such as online banking, bill pay, cash management, and online mortgage applications.
What's more, a movement has emerged to abandon Izod impact reporting (as per the ASTM D256 test protocol) in favor of the Charpy test (ISO 179), another pendulum impact method that is dominant in Europe.
Durastrength 200 weatherable acrylic impact modifier for rigid PVC siding, profiles, and injection molding.
The tip of the income statement impact is the electronic/paper arbitrage opportunity for bank fees.
IMPACT seem to be downplaying their homeland security role, a resolution circulated last year among member cities has a more aggressive tone.