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The success of the revised version of immutability in the courts has given new life to a concept once thought dead and led scholars to apply the insight to other identities or traits that are not currently protected by antidiscrimination law.
It is Vincent's "always" that carries the banner of immutability onto the field of tradition.
Williams's works are variously allegories of immutability and decay.
Leveraging the power of immutability, concurrent processing, and true distributed design, Cognitect offers expert consulting as well as ground-breaking technology products to revolutionize the way businesses think about and harness data.
Beginning with an introduction to functional JavaScript and a discussion of functional programming oriented libraries, the work discusses topics such as first-class functions and applicative programming, variable scope and closure, higher-order functions, function-building functions, recursion, purity and immutability, flow-based programming, and programming without class.
Based on the well-known framework of the mind in the Chinese apocryphal treatise, Paekp'a argued that the mind has two different aspects, immutability and conditionality.
Heaney won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1995 in recognition of his wide-ranging writings inspired by the rural wonders of Ireland, the strife of his native Northern Ireland, the ancient cultures of Europe, of Catholic faith and Celtic mysticism, and the immutability of family ties.
Immutability is only applicable to the faith, values and ultimate goals in Sharia.
It is this immutability, however, which makes nature a 'tangible asset' worth of studying and objectifying.
Yet, one wonders whether he has struck the right balance in this matter: whether, in his views on creation, he has perhaps drunk too deeply from the waters of philosophy (turning the doctrine of creation into a pagan doctrine of necessary emanation), and whether, in his views on the divine attributes, such as divine immutability and eternity, he has not drunk enough, having turned the God of ages, "with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow" (James 1:17), into an image of mutable man.
Here, in this museum, readers will find a collection of forced resignation, of an unnamable loneliness that resides squarely in the thinking man, and an immutability of circumstance, where characters attempt to logic their way into understanding, only to understand how impossible understanding is.
There are two ways to ensure immutability for social data in SharePoint.
The Unchanging God of Love: Thomas Aquinas and Contemporary Theology on Divine Immutability.
We have come through a period when many lost sight of this fundamental, but its immutability is now re-emerging.
We are in the midst of the industry movement for companies such as Clearpace to implement the XAM interface to deliver long-term information retention solutions while ensuring data security, data immutability, and storage platform transparency.