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If documents must be used as valid evidence in a court or administrative process, then their immutability must be irrefutable.
London-based ObjectTech will be working in partnership with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai to create the world's first 'gate-less border', combining the power of biometric verification and the immutability of block chain technology.
Although immutability of blockchains is a pivotal feature for security guarantees, this very same property can represent a hurdle to the future of this innovative technology.
Because of its immutability and security, a private Ethereum Blockchain is an excellent platform to store and share hashed biometric tokens.
Ripples Distributed Financial Technology fits within NBADs existing infrastructure and offers a secure end-to-end payment flow providing transaction immutability and payment integrity.
Powered by the company's Cognitive Cloud foundation and secured with blockchain, the company's ENGAGE and AMPLIFY products will leverage the immutability, immediacy, and transparency of information captured within a blockchain to verify and assure everything from medical and financial records to online purchasing advice and procurement processes.
Specific topics include medieval developments, modern criticisms and revisions, dogmatics and analytical philosophy, divine aseity, divine immutability, and divine simplicity and the Trinity.
I would have welcomed a sharper distinction between the immutability that characterizes the Pythagorean-Platonic model, and the motion and expressivist individuality that defines post-nominalist worldviews (cf.
Although he was not the first to question the immutability of species or to conceive the notion of evolution, Darwin is credited with providing voluminous evidence for evolution and with developing the principle of natural selection.
The success of the revised version of immutability in the courts
Like omnipotence and omnipresence, divine immutability does not easily admit of analogical translation to creaturely existence, which is enmeshed in time and change.
The fact remains that the Catholic church's rational, logical and highly developed system of thinking about moral immutability and cooperation in evil should bring to the Catholic community in America a solid background with which to approach the agonizing questions of a president whose impeachment is not impossible.
Studying backstage activities rather than user tactics, it shows that the semiotic production of space is mainly played out in standardization processes that are both oriented towards signs immutability and fueled by a daily consideration for their vulnerability.
Beginning with an introduction to functional JavaScript and a discussion of functional programming oriented libraries, the work discusses topics such as first-class functions and applicative programming, variable scope and closure, higher-order functions, function-building functions, recursion, purity and immutability, flow-based programming, and programming without class.
Heaney won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1995 in recognition of his wide-ranging writings inspired by the rural wonders of Ireland, the strife of his native Northern Ireland, the ancient cultures of Europe, of Catholic faith and Celtic mysticism, and the immutability of family ties.