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In contrast, the drugs of Antisense Pharma target key tumor factors, such as the most potent immunosuppressor Transforming Growth Factor-beta (TGF-b), thus reversing the tumor induced immunoblockade as well as inhibiting tumor proliferation and metastasis.
Cyclosporine, a calcineurine immunosuppressor, is a medication used frequently following transplant operations for the suppression of the body's natural rejection of a foreign organ.
Genzyme gains a production facility specialized in immunosuppressor products for patients with transplants, and reinforces its presence and activity in France.
Patients that have been treated with an immunosuppressor, such as mitoxantrone, in the past year will be excluded from the study.
Diabetic ketoacidosis, diabetic nephropathy, systemic infection, smoking, use of any drug that has a known effect on leukocytes (steroids, cancer drugs, immunosuppressors, interferons, etc.
Several factors have been implicated as potential immunosuppressors contributing to shell disease development in healthy crustaceans, including environmental quality (Malloy 1978, Vogan & Rowley 2002), molt stage (Malloy 1978, Getchell 1989, Goarant et al.
Generally, steroid hormones are implicated in the immune response, with estrogens as enhancers at least of the humoral immunity and androgens, progesterone, and glucocorticoids as natural immunosuppressors (Cutolo et al.
In addition, NovImmune is developing a new class of immunosuppressors and anti-inflammatory agents as low molecular weight inhibitors of MHC Class II expression, directed against highly specific and totally validated protein targets.
An HIV patient with psoriasis should not use the immunosuppressors methotrexate or cyclosporine, but may well benefit from hydroxyurea, an old psoriasis treatment that enhances the effectiveness of protease inhibitors.
In fact, immunosuppressors given to patients receiving tissue or organ transplants act by blocking the activation of this protein.
Opportunistic fungi are a group of pathogens that are responsible for causing infections in a growing group of vulnerable patients, such as patients treated with immunosuppressors, those with HIV infections or other acquired immunodeficiency conditions and chemotherapy patients (Pappas 2010).
Antitick immunity may specifically neutralize some components of tick saliva that ensure successful feeding and facilitate pathogen transmission, such as vasodilators, anticoagulants, and immunosuppressors (10,11,28).
1,73-75) The peptides also act as potent immunosuppressors, (76,77) and [alpha]-MSH down-regulates expression of the adhesion molecule NCAM-1 on normal and malignant melanocytes.
Immunosuppressors such as cyclosporine and FK-506, steroids, chemotherapeutic agents, and other drugs can depress the immune system (Medscape DrugInfo 2003; Patel et al.