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any substance or organism that provokes an immune response (produces immunity) when introduced into the body

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Lambert, 43, had been Senior Director, Research, at ImmunoGen.
Discussing the departure of Robert Tellis, who joined ImmunoGen in 1993 as Vice President, Corporate Development, Sayare notes that "During his tenure with ImmunoGen, Bob played a significant role in directing our business development efforts toward the establishment of productive partnerships to support commercialization of our products.
CONTACT: Mark Ratner, director - external communications of ImmunoGen, 617-661-9312/
ImmunoGen also recently completed a Phase I/II clinical trial of its second product, Oncolysin S, for the treatment of small-cell lung cancer.
CONTACT: Mark Ratner, director of external communications of ImmunoGen, 617-661-9312/
McCarren, ImmunoGen president and chief operating officer.
BAY 94-9343 is in development by Bayer HealthCare under an agreement with ImmunoGen that grants Bayer HealthCare exclusive rights to use the Company's maytansinoid TAP technology to develop anticancer therapeutics that target mesothelin.
We are especially pleased to have Bob Tellis join ImmunoGen at this stage of our development," states Donald J.
The company and its collaborators have filed a patent application on the use of resurfacing, which ImmunoGen believes will have broad utility in the humanization of monoclonal antibodies.
ImmunoGen expects that, over the next several years, research at ATI will yield a flow of new product candidates which ImmunoGen will have the option to commercialize.
It also is the first ImmunoGen patent for our next generation of products.