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the ability to develop an immune response following exposure to an antigen

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Correlation between mastitis by nonconventional pathogens and rainy seasons has been previously detected in rural areas similar to Yaracal [5, 6, 52], highlighting important considerations that should be taken about immunocompetence when stressing conditions are persistently present, converting animals more susceptible to opportunistic microbes [1, 5, 6, 48], a circumstance that could be exacerbated when germ virulence factors are confronted, even they can exert immunomodulant regulations like the reported to short chain fatty acids produced by P.
Impact of naked neck (Na) and Frizzle (F) genes on growth performance and immunocompetence in chickens.
Nevertheless, we have found very good and important the questioning and exhortation that the author does, and that we do and extend to all clinical colleagues: We must carefully use the term immunocompetence when we study a patient, and to perform an optimal evaluation to those who present with opportunistic infections.
CSOM is more common in paediatric age group which can be explained by the fact of increased risk of respiratory tract infection, decreased immunocompetence, short and straight eustachian tube, malnutrition and use of oil leading to multiplication of opportunistic bacteria & blockage of eustachian tube (7).
These results indicate that, in vitro, pentavalent vanadium (V(V)) can interfere with immunoregulatory mediators critical for maintaining host immunocompetence [27].
Although the health attributes associated with spice use may arise from their antioxidant properties, their biological effects may arise from their ability to induce changes in a number of cellular processes, including those involved with drug metabolism, cell division, apoptosis, differentiation and immunocompetence.
Studies show that early and adequate nutrition are linked to improved tissue healing, decreased physiological stress, and increased immunocompetence, which in turn lead to decreased rate of nosocomial infections and pressure ulcers (Marik & Zaloga, 2001).
This involved a process of continuous adaptation and counter-adaptation in the two competing species, host and pathogen, rendering gut immunocompetence a complex trait with a large genetic component.
The effect of dietary vitamin A and astaxanthin on the immunocompetence of rainbow trout.
Ascorbic acid Influences the development and immunocompetence of larval Heliothis virescens.
Serial Transfer of Single-Cell-Derived Immunocompetence Reveals Sternness of CD8 Central Memory T Cells"; Immunity, 2014; 41 (1): 116DOI: 10.
4,5) Predisposing factors are almost always identified, and include either skin penetration (for example intravenous drug use, intramuscular injections, external wounds or trauma, underlying skin disease) or impaired host immunocompetence like infection with human immunodeficiency virus, diabetes mellitus, malignancy, connective tissue diseases, cirrhosis, and immunosuppressive therapy.