immunizing agent

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any substance or organism that provokes an immune response (produces immunity) when introduced into the body

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Furthermore, when administering immunizing agents, the RN must ensure that the following four conditions are met:
We believe this sharper focus will capitalize on Univax's extensive capabilities in donor stimulation using advanced immunizing agents.
HyperGAM+CF is produced by administering an immunizing agent containing purified exopolysaccharide into normal plasma donors whose immune systems respond by producing antibodies against the exopolysaccharide.
Additionally the Board of Nursing added a definition of Prescriptive authority: means the power to determine the need for drugs, immunizing agents or devices; selecting the remedy and writing a prescription to be filled by a licensed pharmacist.
Carefully working through the bases for reduced incidence and severity may uncover cross-protecting infectious or immunizing agents or crucial host factors for protection.
Passive and active immunization is reviewed with a chart of currently available active immunizing agents.
However, tetanus toxoid is one of our safest and most effective immunizing agents.
The extended Executive Order suspends the section of state education law that limits the authority of pharmacists to administer immunizing agents to anyone under age 18 to allow vaccines to be administered to anyone age 2 and up.
When administering immunizing agents, whether in the context of an immunization program or in individual administration, the RN must ensure the following four conditions are met:
6, 1996-- Chiron Viagene, a business of Chiron Corporation (NASDAQ: CHIR), and the Virus Research Institute (VRI) announced today that they have agreed to collaborate on the research and development of intracellular immunizing agents for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other infectious diseases.
In: Immunizing agents for tropics: success, failure and some practical issues (BPKIHS Monograph Series 1).
Under this agreement, Univax has exclusive worldwide rights to Chiron Biocine's vaccines for use as immunizing agents for the development of new human immunotherapeutic products.