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having been rendered unsusceptible to a disease

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Additional Deputy Commissioner Shakil Ahmed Abro directed the health officials to ensure that all the children entering or leaving the district were immunized at the city's entry and exit points.
Those who were immunized were Filipino children between nine to eighteen years of age.
According to a memorandum issued by Briones, all students immunized with Dengvaxia, regardless of how many doses they have received, will be closely watched for any symptoms of dengue.
1%) of the children studied were fully immunized while the proportions of those with partial or nonimmunization status were about 32.
It may be safe to assume that in families where the pregnant women are immunized, other family members were also immunized.
The minister indicated that the data the ministry received showed an increasing numbers of children who became immunized against polio, vowing further measures to meet the requirements of a new round of vaccination slated to be launched between November 23-27.
Five animal groups each consisted of seven pathogen-free, female BALB/c mice (6-8 weeks of age-average 20 g of weight) were handled according to the international animal care ethics and immunized with HBsAg, HBsAg-containing archaeosomes (HBsAg+ Arch), HBsAg-free archaeosomes (Arch) and HBsAg with complete/incomplete Freund's adjuvant (HBsAg+C/IFA).
The review found lots of evidence supporting the practice--including one study showing that up to half of infant pertussis cases could have been prevented if parents had been immunized (Pediatr.
However, once immunity is granted, it may be difficult or impossible to prosecute the immunized witness.
The first group of amphibians was immunized in space, the second was immunized on Earth, and the third was not immunized at all.
To determine whether northern bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus) could be immunized against Eimeria lettyae by a low-dose inoculation of oocysts, we inoculated 30 birds each with either 100 or 1000 oocysts at 2 days of age (given orally by pipette).
Recent estimates suggest that approximately 34 million children are not completely immunized, with almost 98% of them residing in developing countries (1).
The study was conducted to determine if immunized children could act as a barrier to limit the spread of influenza to the wider, unvaccinated community, a concept known as herd immunity.
Early cost-benefit analyses of this idea showed that a large number of males would need to be immunized to achieve even a minimal increase in protection for females.
State law requires that children be immunized against 11 diseases before entering school, but parents may opt out for reasons arising from "any system of beliefs, practices or ethical values.