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the act of making immune (especially by inoculation)

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The common mucosal immunization system was activated since IgA was produced at multiple mucosal surfaces;
Other intracellular immunization strategies have also drawn a bead on Tat.
Akbar khan said that emergency operation centers (EOCs) were set up in the country that would cater to the routine immunization under one roof under the guidance of technical experts.
AIM congratulates the 2013 Bull's-Eye Award winners for their innovative efforts and for achieving excellence in immunization through innovation.
Until then, neighboring countries must implement high routine vaccination coverage and high-quality, supplemental immunization activities.
If not for the open clinic Saturday, said Mark Duncan, a Burbank mechanic and single father of three, he would miss at least a day of work getting immunizations for his children - work time he could not afford to lose.
Further experiments should help scientists determine which HIV genes show greatest potential as targets for intracellar immunization.
August is also a great time to receive recommended immunizations for children in grades K-12, college students, new mothers and any "caregiver" in any capacity to protect themselves - and the ones they care for, against vaccine preventable diseases.
This was said by Dr Ishaque Panezai, Deputy Director Coordination, Expanded Programme on Immunization, Balochistan who was addressing at a media workshop at the Quetta Press Club here Saturday.
Studies of missed opportunities for immunization in developing and industrialized countries.
In the lead-up to World Immunization Week 2015 (24 -30 April), WHO is calling for renewed efforts to get progress back on course.
European vaccine leader hosts events across the region to help raise awareness of immunization throughout life
National Infant Immunization Week is April 18-25, 2015
OVERVIEW : The Strengthening Immunization in Afghanistan project supports the Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health s (MoPH) efforts to improve Expanded Program of Immunizations (EPI) operations.
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