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a system (including the thymus and bone marrow and lymphoid tissues) that protects the body from foreign substances and pathogenic organisms by producing the immune response

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Drastic limits on calorie consumption starting early in a monkey's life seemed to delay aging of the animal's immune systems in new research.
It is possible that completely blocking the function of any given immune system molecule could stop the system so profoundly that unwanted infections would develop.
But H5N1 is new to humans, so your immune system hasn't been primed to protect you.
This animal observation supports the belief that there could be two very different kinds of immune-based treatment--helping the immune system suppress HIV and reduce viral load (much like antiretroviral drugs do), vs.
htm, by increasing our understanding of the mechanisms by which the innate immune system recognizes, responds to, and neutralizes the complex defense systems of protozoan pathogens.
The immune system has many functions only recently recognized and whose importance is still not universally accepted.
In 1979, Dickinson and Outram(5) conjectured that, in some experiments, scrapie responsiveness is the opposite of what one normally expects with an infection, "raising the possibility that, far from being inimical, some part of the host's immune system is essential and may even play the role of a Trojan Horse for these agents when infection occurs by a peripheral route.
Bellanti, a professor of pediatrics and microbiology-immunology at Georgetown, said the study is intended to test the safety and possibly show that a TNF inhibitor can help restore normal immune system function in AIDS patients with advanced stages of the disorder.
For each autoimmune disease, the immune system targets a specific set of proteins.
We can have some impact on the immune system, but it doesn't normalize the immune system entirely.
A: Based on animal studies, we think that certain genes give some individuals a stronger immune system.
This virus supposedly infects and kills the "T-cells" of the immune system, leading to an inevitably fatal immune deficiency after an asymptomatic period that averages 10 years or so.
OTCBB:MCET), developing first-in-class drugs based on advanced immune system modulation technologies, announced today it has reached a developmental milestone to advance its colorectal cancer lead therapeutic candidate to preclinical development status.
Katze of the University of Washington in Seattle, scientists hadn't learned much about how an infected person's immune system reacted once the virus had settled in.
The promise of Tysabri's benefits was momentarily snatched away, and it became clear that the scientific establishment may not know as much as it needs to about how the immune system works, and fails to work, in MS.