immune response

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a bodily defense reaction that recognizes an invading substance (an antigen: such as a virus or fungus or bacteria or transplanted organ) and produces antibodies specific against that antigen

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However, Khosla notes that even the immune response brought on by the enzyme-treated gluten was beyond what scientists currently consider safe.
The adjuvant also leads to the release of a chemical signal inside these cells to trigger greatly enhanced immune responses.
Immunological research that is directed at protozoa other than those listed as NIAID Category B Priority Pathogens is responsive to this announcement if the research specifically addresses a practical approach to inducing, controlling, or improving the effectiveness of the innate immune response to NIAID Category B protozoan infection.
In fact, a chain of events begins with major medical stress followed by altered immune response, rapid growth of oral bacteria, and aspiration of oropharyngeal secretions; these events conclude with pneumonia.
30) When combined with HAART, no significant differences were detected between patients who received IL-2 versus those patients who received HAART alone, in terms of eliciting an HIV-specific immune response (23) or in terms of persistent viral suppression after treatment discontinuation.
Application of only p[alpha]-2 and p[alpha]-9 did not cause the same response in the untreated CD tissues, indicating that activation of the innate immune response seems to dictate the type and intensity of the immune adaptive response in CD, they said.
This could work because HIV seems to cause most of its damage indirectly--by the toxic tat protein, for example, or by dysregulation of immune responses leading them to kill normal cells--rather than by killing infected cells, which the body could normally replace.
Immune response variables were then measured and the subjects who consumed the yogurt bacteria benefited by a significantly enhanced immune response as compared to controls.
Along with the woman who produced an immune response, the researchers detected antibodies against HPV in three of the patients.
When perfectly healthy people are put on diets that reduce their zinc levels to the low end of what is considered normal, they suddenly show a poor immune response.
A genetic factor that enables the T-cells to initiate an inappropriate immune response.
However, from an immunologist's perspective, the idea that antigen was needed to bolster the immune response never made much sense.
Family 2 is directed to cancer antigens believed to be capable of stimulating anti-cancer immune responses.
When less CTLA-4 is available, CD28 can gain the upper hand and rev up an immune response, contributing to autoimmune disease, Wicker and her colleagues hypothesize.
The acquisition of sensitization depends therefore on the initiation of an immune response of sufficient vigor and of the quality required to sustain IgE antibody production.