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Grifols is producer of plasma-derived medicines and provider of a variety of postexposure prophylaxis and immune globulin products for patients.
This new formulation is the latest version of the company's current rabies immune globulin, HyperRAB S/D, which will now be available to US patients in two sizes (1 ml/300 IU and 5 ml/1500 IU).
5% of 11,633 newborns with timing data received hepatitis B immune globulin.
Supplemental questions related to laboratory testing for weak D and administration of Rh immune globulin were included in the CAP 2012 J-B Transfusion Medicine (Comprehensive) survey.
These recommendations reflect the ACIP work group discussions and review of scientific evidence related to use of varicella zoster immune globulin conducted during the development of the ACIP statements on prevention of varicella as well as a review of published literature to include reports with immune globulins with high anti--varicella-zoster virus antibodies used outside the United States >4 days after exposure to varicella-zoster virus.
Intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) appears to be as effective as plasmaphoresis for the treatment of GBS as per the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) practice guidelines3.
After exposure, vaccine trumps immune globulin in healthy patients
This study, set in Kazakhstan, randomized 4524 patients who had been exposed to hepatitis within the past 14 days to receive either hepatitis A vaccine (VAQTA, Merck) or immune globulin (0.
There were "few significant associations" among performance on neuropsychological test results and exposure to mercury in vaccines and immune globulins administered prenatally or up through 7 months of age, the authors reported.
An important study published last month provides compelling evidence that prenatal exposure to thimerosal in Rh immune globulin is not a likely cause of the increase in autism, either.
Public-health officials said there is a 14-day window to get immune globulin shots that prevent illness, although the risk of developing hepatitis A is low.
supply of varicella-zoster immune globulin has been replenished with a new unlicensed product made available under a Food and Drug Administration investigational new drug application, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Nabi Biopharmaceuticals is pursuing a combination approach, starting with Altastaph (Staphylococcus aureus Immune Globulin Intravenous (Human)) and StaphVAX, to offer patients prevention of and treatment for hospital-acquired bacterial infections and, upon hospital discharge, prevention of longer-term relapse after an infection.
Passive administration of human botulinum immune globulin derived from volunteers vaccinated with pentavalent botulinum toxoid (ABCDE) vaccine has been protective in monkeys (19) and guinea pigs (20) against aerosolized botulinum toxin.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of respiratory syncytial virus immune globulin (RespiGam [TM]) to prevent RSV infection in infants at high risk of complications from the illness.
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