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lacking an ability to move

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At 0, 45, and 90 min, 5-10 [micro]l of each sample was dripped onto a slide, and indices of viability, progressive sperm motility percentage, and sperm immotility percentage of each aliquot were analyzed with a QingHuaTongFang computer-assisted sperm analysis system (CASAS-QH-III GK-9900).
To address this issue, two postcoital tests (PCT) were performed in the two stages of the trial and results were compared showing interesting difference after MI vaginal use in terms of spermatozoa motility, evaluated as total, progressive, and nonprogressive motility and as immotility percentage.
Sperm motility was graded as follows: a, rapid progressive motility; b, slow or sluggish progressive motility; c, nonprogressive motility; and d, immotility.
The percentage of nematode immotility increased with increase in the concentration of volatile oil and the exposure period (Table 29).
The immotility is due to a variety of ultrastructural defects in respiratory cilia and sperm tail.
sperm immotility (10% of cases) and male factors, e.
Sperm cells were designated as having progressive motility (PM) when displacement was observed; non progressive motility (NPM), when in-situ movement without displacement was observed, and immotility (IM), when no form of movement was perceived (WHO 2010).
The organization would provide fodder and immotility starting vaccinations of the surviving animals to avoid further livestock losses in the province, he added.