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Synonyms for immortalise

be or provide a memorial to a person or an event

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There is no way I would wish to immortalise White Dee, or even link her to three great names which are part of our history.
Kyrgyzstan's parliament voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to immortalise Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin by naming a mountain in his honour, in a move to reinforce ties with Moscow.
All that we needed was permission to take blood samples of these rare tribes and immortalise them using Epstein- Barr Virus transformation technology, which would result in multiplication of the cells," he said.
The stamps immortalise these exciting developments and secure Tenby RNLI's place on the map.
Self-taught artist Louis Sidoli is making a rare appearance at Castle Galleries in The Mailbox where he will showcase his Most Wanted collection and give visitors the chance to immortalise themselves forever by having their own ''mug shot'' taken in the gallery and turned into a work of original Pop Art.