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Synonyms for immolate

to offer as a sacrifice

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offer as a sacrifice by killing or by giving up to destruction

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Despite initial accusations from Chinese officialdom, the immolations appear not to have been directly affiliated with any of the exile Tibetan organizations, such as the Tibetan Youth Congress, the Tibetan Women's Association, the Tibetan Political Prisoners Movement, the Students for a Free Tibet, or the National Democratic Party of Tibet, which openly orchestrated non-violent marches in many global political centers in March 2008.
If the Communist Party of China (CPC) addressed Tibetan grievances rather than blaming the Dalai Lama, the immolations would almost certainly, at least temporarily, cease.
An anonymous letter written by an exiled Tibetan from Ngaba (4) and released by the International Campaign for Tibet stated that over 100 monks and other locals have disappeared, and that the immolations were a response to the repressive conditions.
So, until the root of self immolation is addressed, any measure will not prevent it," Phuntsok said.
The recent immolation incidents have caught the attention of foreign press, but Chinese state-run media have not run any reports regarding the self-immolations or the protests, but have only published the response by the Foreign Ministry.
29 ( ANI ): Mounting incidents of self immolations as mark of protest against Chinese oppression topped the agenda of lawmakers as the Tibetan Parliament-in-exile wrapped up its budget session here on Thursday.
The toll of Tibetan self immolations in China since February 2009 rose to 74.
This year we are not celebrating the New Year on a grand scale because of the spate of self immolations by Tibetans against Chinese oppression.
Blaming "separatist powers within and out of the border" and the "Dalai clique" for encouraging the recent four cases of self- immolations in the prefecture, the police reiterated that such acts are "anti-human, anti-social and terrorist behavior," the report said.
Dharamshala, Feb 8 ( ANI ): In a bid to gather support against Chinese repression in Tibet that have attracted several self immolations over the years, the Tibetan parliament- in-exile has raised its voice against violation of human rights.
Even weather wise it is a very difficult situation and ongoing suppression, one more self immolation, has raised the number of self immolations to 98 (sic) so far and we still have two more, unconfirmed report so by as for now today.
The Washington-based International Campaign for Tibet said at least 22 of those who have set themselves alight were aged 18 or under, including Tuesday's double immolation.
They jailed those who survived immolation attempts, Algerian press reported.
Speaking before the latest immolation occurred, the prime minister of the exiled government, Lobsang Sangay, appealed to international community.
Right now the biggest situation in Tibet is the self immolation.