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without modesty


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That is what William James must have meant in 1910 when he issued the firs,t call for national service, describing it immodestly as "the moral equivalent of war.
In terms of accomplishment, Grace immodestly gives it a "10.
When I told her that our son had been dancing to the "Firebird," and was most immodestly clad to boot, she did not exhibit the least surprise.
On her hopes for the book: "I immodestly think could become a classic on French cooking, as it is a complete revising of classical methods and recipes in view of making them easier to do and bringing them up to dateO addressed to an audience who likes to cook, wants to learn how, and is interested in good cooking and that is not a mass audience.
SINGER Chrissie Hynde faced a backlash yesterday after claiming women who get drunk and dress immodestly may be inviting rape.
She came up with her debut scent, the immodestly named Kim Kardashian, after asking her Twitter followers what smells they liked.
Since 1974, neo-fundamentalists have targeted Christians and Copts, bombed video clubs, assassinated officials, murdered journalists, gunned down tourists, and attacked immodestly dressed women.
Melbourne, Apr 23 (ANI): In a 'busty' bid to challenge an Islamic cleric's suggestion that immodestly dressed women cause earthquakes, US student Jennifer McCreight has launched "Boobquake" campaign on Facebook-asking thousands to show maximum cleavage and shake the world.
In the West, this attitude was captured most vividly three years ago when Australia's most senior Muslim cleric, Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hilaly, dubbed the "cat meat sheikh" by the tabloid press, likened rape victims who dressed immodestly to "uncovered meat," and compared the men who had assault them to blameless "cats.
It might apply to smoking, drinking, using bad language, cheating in an exam, defacing the walls of your school, viewing indecent magazines, or dressing immodestly.
A senior official at Sharjah Police said, "Women caught dressed immodestly will not be arrested, but will be told to go home and change.
It was the brainchild of Herbert Austin and Frederick York Wolseley, one of a famous Staffordshire military family that owned an estate in Ireland they naturally, if immodestly, named Mount Wolseley.
I immodestly refer to a contribution of mine you kindly published in the early days of this decade.
Pride and Prejudice changed everything," he says, though not immodestly.
Although he makes modest claims for his property ("We're a small estate, not Chateau Margaux or the Domaine de la Romanee Conti"), he's not afraid to charge EUR30 for his top wine, immodestly called Ambroisie (ambrosia - the food of the gods).