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Synonyms for immoderately

without moderation


to a degree that exceeds the bounds or reason or moderation

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But the man was so immoderately given to pleasures that he asked for these and for a life like that of the gods.
But on a brilliant winter's day my conscience is as clear as the frosty air itself, and yesterday morning we started off in the gayest of spirits, even Minora being disposed to laugh immoderately on the least provocation.
No, love,' replied he, laughing immoderately at the recollection of the whole affair; 'he would have done so, - and perhaps, spoilt my face, too, but, providentially, this forest of curls' (taking off his hat, and showing his luxuriant chestnut locks) 'saved my skull, and prevented the glass from breaking, till it reached the table.
It may likewise be said, That the wisest men have been in their youth immoderately fond of pleasure.
He had immoderately praised the effect of the yellow blossoms against her brown tresses; and she had left the chaplet there, and walked back to the house swinging her straw sailor in her hands.
The first thing in the morning, one of them, who was a barber, came and shaved him, and gave him the news of the country, of which he was immoderately greedy.
And though he belonged to the household troops, who, as it was their duty to rally round the Prince Regent, had not shown their valour in foreign service yet, Rawdon Crawley had already (apropos of play, of which he was immoderately fond) fought three bloody duels, in which he gave ample proofs of his contempt for death.
Perceiving the joke, she laughed immoderately with a handkerchief to her eyes, while he sat wearing a forced smile, and, from his inexperience of jolly women, fully persuaded that she must be deplorably insane.
They began to accommodate themselves to his level, calling him 'Mr Baptist,' but treating him like a baby, and laughing immoderately at his lively gestures and his childish English--more, because he didn't mind it, and laughed too.
Above stairs, the remainder of the evening passed cheerfully away; for the doctor was in high spirits; and however fatigued or thoughtful Harry Maylie might have been at first, he was not proof against the worthy gentleman's good humour, which displayed itself in a great variety of sallies and professional recollections, and an abundance of small jokes, which struck Oliver as being the drollest things he had ever heard, and caused him to laugh proportionately; to the evident satisfaction of the doctor, who laughed immoderately at himself, and made Harry laugh almost as heartily, by the very force of sympathy.
At every one of her adjectives she redoubled her kisses, and finally kissed his hat off, and then laughed immoderately when the wind took it and he ran after it.
Upon this, the merry laughter of Miss Lobbs rang through the calm evening air-- without seeming to disturb it, though; it had such a pleasant sound--and the wicked little cousin laughed more immoderately than before, and Nathaniel Pipkin blushed deeper than ever.
Just as an immoderately sensuous life makes one blase because it stimulates the nerves to its utmost reactivity until they can finally no longer produce any reaction at all, so less harmful stimuli, through the rapidity and the contradictoriness of their shifts, forces the nerves to make such violent responses, tear them about so brutally that they exhaust their last reserves of strength, and, remaining in the same milieu, do not have time for new reserves to form.
But Erdoy-an gave no time to Kalkan, which he said forced him to express his opinions online, where he criticized the prime minister and the party for "acting immoderately and mercilessly and for adopting increasingly more authoritarian practices.