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the act of limiting movement or making incapable of movement

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6) Immobilizing head of emergency medical services (20 Unit)
These changes indicate that the immobilizing trypsin into carrier gel synthesized based on PVPr interacts with carbonyl group in pyrrolidone ring.
The membranes which were used for immobilizing [beta]-galactosidase include polyvinyl chloride microspheres [10], nylon membranes [11], polyvinylidene fluoride membrane [12], and cellulose acetate membranes [13] for providing galacto-oligosaccharides while polyethersulfone membrane was utilized for immobilizing Kluyveromyces fragilis [beta]-galactosidase to hydrolyze whey lactose in dairy industries [14].
Thus, it was demonstrated that immobilizing dextransucrase by entrapment in alginate was advantageous as regards the catalytic properties and stability.
They are essentially performing nature's version of electroplating with uranium, effectively immobilizing the radioactive material and preventing it from leaching into groundwater.
They cover the composition of high-level waste solutions arising from reprocessing nuclear spent fuel, principles and examples of immobilizing non-separated or separated waste, specific matrices for immobilizing long-lived radionuclides, and glasses for immobilizing non-separated highly radioactive solutions.
Scientists at Purdue University wanted to see if ultraviolet (UV) polymerization could be a quick and inexpensive approach to immobilizing the enzyme glucose oxidase on food contact surfaces.
Exiqon A/S (Copenhagen, Denmark) has patented a method for immobilizing a polysaccharide (PS) to a solid surface, said polysaccharide having a keto-carboxy group or a ketal or hemiketal group corresponding thereto, e.
On the outer surface of the topsheet is 5-90% of an agent capable of immobilizing the emollient.
Due to a very narrow range between effective immobilizing doses and lethal doses, mortality rates as high as 70% have occurred with NMB agents (Kreeger et al.