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the act of limiting movement or making incapable of movement

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Exiqon A/S (Copenhagen, Denmark) has patented a method for immobilizing a polysaccharide (PS) to a solid surface, said polysaccharide having a keto-carboxy group or a ketal or hemiketal group corresponding thereto, e.
On the outer surface of the topsheet is 5-90% of an agent capable of immobilizing the emollient.
Due to a very narrow range between effective immobilizing doses and lethal doses, mortality rates as high as 70% have occurred with NMB agents (Kreeger et al.
Our people did a great job of immobilizing him immediately.
1] Failures can be prevented by immobilizing the graft and closing up any potential dead spaces that might lead to separation.
Immobilizing cells has made possible dramatic advancements in food fermentations.
Campbell and his colleagues put laboratory rats under stress by immobilizing them in a wire cylinder for 1 hour each day for 3 weeks.