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  • verb

Synonyms for immobilise

hold as reserve or withdraw from circulation


Related Words

to hold fast or prevent from moving

make defenseless

convert (assets) into fixed capital


Related Words

prohibit the conversion or use of (assets)

cause to be unable to move

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Officers in Stoke, Radford, Foleshill, Longford and Whoberley also met residents and helped them sign up their property to immobilise at a series of sessions.
The more people that register with Immobilise, the easier it is to return stolen property and the more difficult it is for criminals to profit from their crimes.
They hope people will take a few minutes to register valuable items on the Immobilise website at www.
In addition, people can get their bike security marked and registered on the property database immobilise.
The Immobilise campaign coincides with the introduction of new laws which will see mobile phone thieves facing up to five years in prison and an unlimited fine for those convicted of reprogramming mobile phones,now a serious criminal offence under the new Act.
Crime prevention advice is a key part of the campaign and police are encouraging people to register valuable items with the national property database immobilise at www.
Officers from Newcastle West Neighbourhood Policing Team will be registering people with free property logging website immobilise.
Police will be security marking bikes, urging cyclists to get signed up with the free property registering website Immobilise.
Residents are being advised to get bikes, phones, electricals, tools and other valuables registered with free property logging website immobilise.
Neighbourhood Insp Deborah Alderson said: "This shows just how important it is for people to register their property with Immobilise.
Officers will be security marking bikes, urging cyclists to get signed up with the free property registering website Immobilise.
Residents are also being urged to register any valuables with the national property register database immobilise at www.
Police will base their mobile police office on the junction of Grace Street and Tunstall Avenue in Byker and are inviting residents to bring along the serial numbers of their valuables so officers can log them on Immobilise - a free property registering database.
Immobilise is the world's largest register of property where people can register valuables like mobile phones, bikes, tools and all electricals.
The call to register mobile phones, iPads and laptops with the free national property register Immobilise, comes after a Cannock Chase teenager was reunited with her phone four months after it was stolen.