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(chemistry, physics) incapable of mixing

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Rheology is one of the most frequently used methods for characterizing interfacial properties, such as interfacial tension and strength that are necessary for predicting the mechanical properties of immiscible polymer blends (1), (2).
The objective of this work was to see the role of clay as a compatibilizer for a blend and study its effects on the properties of the immiscible glassy polymer pair.
The PCL/PLA blend, however, shows immiscible phase structure with poor inter-facial adhesion because two matrix polymers are incompatible thermodynamically with each other (32).
The main mechanism governing the phase morphology development of immiscible polymer blends is believed to be the droplet breakup and coalescence (25, 26).
In immiscible polymer blends, two glass transitions, coincident with those of the plain polymers, are usually observed.
Numerical modeling of immiscible organic transport at the Hyde Park landfill", Water Resources Research, 22: 25-33.
The XERAN portfolio opens a window to new polymer systems that need compatibilisation, as XERAN improves the adhesion between two polymers which are normally immiscible.
The Xeran portfolio is said to open a window to new polymer systems that need compatibilization, as Xeran improves the adhesion between two polymers which are normally immiscible.
Nitto Denko Corporation has been granted a patent for a water-dispersed pressure-sensitive adhesive composition comprised of a (meth)acrylic polymer, a latex containing a rubber component, and a tackifier: the (meth)acrylic polymer is obtained by polymerizing a monomer composition comprised of as a primary component an alkyl (meth) acrylate having an alkyl group with 1 to 18 carbon atoms; the rubber component is immiscible with the (meth)acrylic polymer and has a loss tangent peak temperature of--5[degrees] C or below when determined by a dynamic viscoelastic measurement in which shear strain is applied at a frequency of 1 Hz; and the tackifier is miscible with the rubber component, but immiscible with the (meth) acrylic polymer.
Assessment of compositional grading is important in calculation of initial hydrocarbons in place (stock-tank oil and surface gas), prediction of gas-oil contact, design of surface production equipments, design of immiscible gas and water injection processes (variation in mobility ratio with depth), design of developed miscible gas injection processes (variation in miscibility conditions with depth), initialization of reservoir simulators, and consideration of production alternatives.
The objective was to create a desktop unit to exhibit the interaction of two immiscible fluids.
8] found an exact solution for the laminar flow of two immiscible fluids between two parallel plates.