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to plunge briefly in or into a liquid

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Rather than waiting for cultural differences unexpectedly immerge while the joint venture is already operational those cultural differences should be recognized during the decision making process of the creation of the joint ventures.
Seventy percent (v/v) alcohol (chemical purity) was added to immerge the spores along the funnel margin.
After analyzing the new data, categories are redefined as new patterns immerge or the original organization of words, themes, and topics are reconfirmed.
As multiple modern forms of instructional technologies immerge, learners are increasingly engaging in learning that is accessed outside the traditional delivery practices (teacher and learner in the same room), thereby reshaping the educational landscape in profound ways.
of Worcester, Massachusetts, for agricultural applications, PPL Therapeutics, Limited, of Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland and Immerge BioTherapeutics, Inc.
Researchers at the University of Missouri and Immerge BioTherapeutics successfully clone 4 miniature pigs lacking a copy of the 1,3-galactosyltransferase (GGTA1) gene, the gene that causes hyperacute rejection.
In January 2002, Immerge BioTherapeutics and PPL Therapeutics announced that they had funded cloning research that produced litters of pigs whose organs lacked a genetic trait that would prompt the human body to reject them.
Earlier this year, PPL and the American biotechnology firm Immerge BioTherapeutics announced the creation of pigs missing one copy of the gene.
Nearly simultaneously, a paper describing similar work was published on-line in Science by a team from Immerge BioTherapeutics and the University of Missouri--Columbia.
4 SCIENCE, investigators from Immerge BioTherapeutics in Charlestown, Mass.
Immerge au sein de cette foule, jeune, jovial, attentif, j'ai cherche a gauche et a droite a connaitre quelles en etaient les motivations : il y a indeniablement l'effet internet et des extraits divulgues via les reseaux sociaux que certains avaient pris pour une bande annonce.
9,970 125 Pie Consulting and Engineering 9,778 126 162 Catalyst Solutions LLC 9,773 127 IMMERGE LLC 9,400 128 141 Human Movement Inc.
Those who immerge into the water on the beach will be amazed by the colourful spectacle.
Poi, conquistato da un'idea piu molle ed effusiva, interrompe la stesura e si dedica a Cuore: si immerge, cioe, con tutto se stesso, in una prospettiva ideale e sentimentale che con quella del Romanzo contrasta nettamente e ne costituisce, anzi, la deliberata riduzione edificante.