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impossible to measure

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The consequences in terms of improved human health and reduced suffering are immensurable.
In what is probably one of the richest and most complex sections of the book, the second movement ("Forest") combines a brief account of Wagner's momentous stay at Villa Schonberg; a meditation on the contrast between the world of day and the realm of night--in Tristan und Isolde as well as in Krishna paintings; a visit to the Rietberg Museum to view a collection of Pahari miniature paintings; a fictionalized account of a painter's life and legacy; and a mysterious encounter between the traveler and a young girl who guides him through a landscape that is, at one time, Indian and Wagnerian: miniaturistic and immensurable, mythical and immanent, sacred and profane.
Young conservationists face an immensurable biodiversity crisis, with current species extinction rates as much as one thousand times higher than background rates.
La valeur des efforts de l'equipe editoriale a ete immensurable.
At the moment there is big void, an immensurable vacuum, with actually no accountability law in force at the national level.
anthropologists' and writers' redefinition of the Indian as "a cultural rather than a biological entity" and elaborates on its immediate effects on the definition of hybridity, "previously understood as a measurable combination of blood and bone, to encompass the blending of more immensurable qualities like language, belief, and education" (2004: 11).