immediate payment

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prompt payment for goods or services in currency or by check


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Continuous innovation can be built upon immediate payments and Blockchain technologies.
68 lakhs was seized from the office of Shri Vijay Singla in the presence of independent witnesses" it was part of a ` 2 crore immediate payment that had to be made by Railway officer Mahesh Kumar for getting the additional charge of the coveted post of GM ( West) and S & T after becoming Member ( Staff).
Four years later I received a notice from another debt collection agency demanding immediate payment of BD175 or I would be taken to court in eight days.
30, 2004, under the charter if they had received no immediate payment after exercising their rights on Sept.
The phone payment option is expected to help the $311 million credit union improve its collections process while also providing members immediate payment options for all types of loans, the company and credit union said.
Former Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi is entitled to his pension and immediate payment of some $40,000 in back benefits, according to a judge's ruling in July.
LAHORE, July 26 -- District Coordination Officer Sajjad Bhutta on Sunday said that necessary instructions had been issued to the Finance Department for the immediate payment of cheques for financial assistance given to the heirs of all martyrs and those injured in the attack on the Data Darbar.
Summary: Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has ordered an immediate payment of SR1 million ($266,000) to the families of each person who died in last week's flooding
Immediate payment will be given on all purchases, queues are expected and identification will be requested.
Rather than point out that Samantha's mum acted as guarantor and that, as a result, they required immediate payment, it would have made better business sense - and in the process shown O2's human side - if they had taken into account the reason behind Samantha's debt.
50 Cent has been ordered to make an immediate payment of pounds 5000 in child support for his son - followed by monthly expenses of pounds 75000.
The Great Depression changed everything, and veterans began to seek immediate payment of the bonus.
Initially the consideration was to comprise an immediate payment of DKK300m and additional payments of DKK100m payable over three years.
The program waives interest, penalties and fees in exchange for full and immediate payment.
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