immediate memory

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what you can repeat immediately after perceiving it

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Upon entering the laboratory, participants provided informed consent, were seated at one of four computers and completed a set of questionnaires, the Immediate Memory Task (the IMT, a continuous performance task; Dougherty 1999), and the video game task.
Our immediate memory has been shown to perform well when remembering up to, and no more than, seven things.
The highly-versatile 32GB SanDisk microSDHC card delivers immediate memory expansion that lets consumers enjoy the storage-intensive features of their advanced handsets.
It's an immediate memory trigger, a remembrance in a bottle.
The social or cultural history is generically necessarily removed from immediate memory, and therefore from the type of truth status with which it is invested.
Digit span is a test of attention and immediate memory.
But the plain and simple facts are that the July floods washed away the immediate memory of just how bad this team are.
The researchers tested immediate memory and delayed recall, and also administered two other tests known as the Mini-Mental State Examination and the Symbol Digit Modalities Test.
How to Teach So Students Remember offers seven steps to increase students' capacity to receive information in immediate memory, act on it in working memory, store it in long-term memory, and retrieve and manipulate it in unanticipated situations-that is, to use what they have learned when they need it.
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