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Synonyms for immediacy

lack of an intervening or mediating agency

immediate intuitive awareness

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the quickness of action or occurrence

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Firsthand anecdotes and quotes pepper the pages and give immediacy to events.
Through Broadband Enterprises' expertise in the delivery of video programming, we feel we can now offer our audiences all of the immediacy that they're used to, but do it with video through a turn-key solution.
The story is dramatic, with romance a part of it; it has excitement and immediacy that will appeal to YA readers.
With a sense of lightness and immediacy, the exhibition continued in the second space of the gallery with an installation of two separate works.
The works in the show balance a respect for the traditional devotional iconography of Tibetan art with an expressive immediacy and the free manifestation of the artist's individual energy.
Given the immediacy of the concern surrounding this issue, the study is expected to launch shortly.
It has the heartfelt immediacy of the Alice series and will be enjoyed by middle school girls who are trying to make sense of family life and first romances.
In the past Ang has parodied the art scene in fake sitcoms, docudramas, and infomercials; here, too, one found an oscillation between reality and fiction, immediacy and mediation.
Yet these shortcomings, especially in the 1983 oilstick drawings, seem almost a record of an artist working her way through a mannerism to a style compounded of the immediacy, freshness, and honesty of the sketch, and humility with respect to visual solutions discovered, once and for all, centuries ago.
The quality and the immediacy of the fleet reporting they can now provide, as well as the ability for clients to view summary dashboards and extract information that can be sliced and diced to accommodate their individual needs, provides a real marketplace advantage.
Sims' images for the minimal, precisely composed Klein ads, like his subsequent work, retained the immediacy that marked his defiantly casual earlier style; indeed, the quirky expressions and unselfconscious off-camera gestures of the models quickly made Sims'style a '90s signature.
In the near future, enterprise users will have the same power of email immediacy, rapid search and super-sized mailboxes as home Google(TM) users, but under corporate management and control.
As with all of her sculpture, which has the esthetic appeal of post-Minimalist work, these amorphous shapes echo Schimert's formalist statement that "the way a thing is made is the way it is," displacing content to the Zen plane of visual, spatial, and tactile immediacy.
The flexibility and immediacy of the blog format is a great tool for us to disseminate information to our clients and readers.
Ontani's paintings represent the portion of his work whose charm is more fragile, whereas his photographs--which combine the immediacy of his performances and the tenderness of his watercolor retouching--are the crux of his style.