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This book boldly asserts that there are no actual intangibles and that any perception of immeasurability is based on certain popular misconceptions about measurement and measurement methods.
Egyptian-American Dahlia Elsayed explored the limitness and immeasurability of space in determining identity.
Homo economicus, the economic man, relies on a non-existent person: it cannot explain how we manage contradictions in our desires, and their immeasurability.
These point toward an interpretation that deals with a system of relationships between microcosm and macrocosm, between our human dimension and the immeasurability of the universe.
51) See Richard Ganis, The Politics of Care in Habermas and Derrida: Between Measurability and Immeasurability (Lanham, MD: Lexington, 2011); and Kenneth McLaughlin, Surviving Identity: Vulnerability and the Psychology of Recognitwn, Concepts for Critical Psychology (New York: Routledge: 2011).
The divine being (primary and essential attributes of God: sufficiency, underived existence, unity, infinity, immeasurability, eternity, life)
There are in the great world whirls of fluid and vaporous existences obtaining in their own unpassing time, unwatched and uninterrupted, valid only in their essential un-understandable mystery, justified only in their eyeless and mindless immeasurability, unassailable in their actual abstraction; of the inner quality of such a thing I might well in my own time be the true quintessential pith.
Lyotard says that after the dissolution of meta-narratives we are in a state of the immeasurability of the heterogeneousness of discourse games irreducible to each other (Salihu, 341-342).