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complete irrelevance requiring no further consideration

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50) This reaching toward an underlying immateriality glimmering at the edge of perception may be seen to characterize certain aspects of his design for Godot.
Treating the mind as part of the physical body denied its immateriality and was tantamount to denying the existence of the soul, perhaps even the truth of Christianity itself (Scull, "From Madness" 219).
As Wordsworth and Marx alike knew, a capitalist society looks materialist, but it worships immateriality, for in the sphere of the commodity form, the commodity is most itself when it is nothing but pure exchange value: "what we can see (the commodity as a thing) matters less than what we cannot see (the abstract power of developed commodity form) .
Among their topics are essence and existence in the Islamic East during the 11th and 12th centuries, Avicenna's metaphysics in the Medieval Hebrew philosophical tradition, an attempt at periodizing the Latin reception of Avicenna's metaphysics before Albertus Magnus (1200-80), immateriality and separation in Avicenna and Thomas Aquinas, Duns Scotus (1265-1308) and Avicenna on what it is to be a thing.
If we want people to progress we need to give them a spiritual and edifying sense, an outlet to use the immateriality of music to help them structure their lives," Golter said.
In particular, the Latin theologians had difficulty explaining the relation between the Father and the Son in categories that preserved God's immateriality.
Occasionally, though, one wishes for a somewhat stronger reconstructive take on the material, for we speed through a series of topics--the mutual entailment of immateriality and intellectuality, Sadra's criticism of earlier theories of knowledge, the relation of perception to intellection, Sadra's take on the notion of active intellect, the unification argument, self-knowledge, and God's knowledge--at such a pace that the reader will face a considerable task in forming an overall picture of Sadrian epistemology.
Here are pure, simple substances that express (in part) an urge to immateriality.
As Pedro Gadanhohas suggested to me, architecture fiction is a necessary corrective to the accelerating immateriality and fictional nature of architecture itself (personal email .
First, condoning managerial misstatements on the basis of immateriality arguably has a negative impact on investor confidence because whenever courts find a misstatement to be immaterial as a matter of law they are effectively concluding that shareholders will receive no relief even where the statement was made with full knowledge of its falsity and with the requisite intent to defraud.
In the case of the electronic sphere of being, we speak of the immateriality, therefore we can speak of beings whose existence is immaterial, in contrast to physicality.
She concludes that digital labour is neither fully commodified nor fully free; based on its immateriality, it is still defined by its relationship with capital.
The origins of the form predate contemporary resistance to the world of uploaded, socially networked, infinitely replicated memories, and its appeal is far deeper than mere resistance to the immateriality of modern communication.
The first type consists of representations that visualize invisible and impalpable spirit forms through reliance on conventions such as whiteness, ethereality, and translucency to represent the immateriality of spirits and souls.