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Synonyms for imitative

Synonyms for imitative

copying another in an inferior or obsequious way

imitating sounds

Synonyms for imitative

marked by or given to imitation


(of words) formed in imitation of a natural sound

not genuine

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THRUNTON LONG CRAG FISHERY 01665 574400 / Mob 07795 002607 THE imitative approach remains the most consistent with fine sport on offer on both lakes.
It is also the earliest of the three; it appeared sometime around 1485, and is a primer in the range of imitative possibilities--individual voices, pairs, and interchanging groups of voices.
Ramchandran argues that imitative learning "may have been the key step in hominin evolution, resulting in our ability to transmit knowledge by example" (Ramachadran 132).
The new imitative is meant to ensure "concrete, substantial and balanced joint research and innovation cooperation activities on selected priorities of common interest," the Commission said in a statement.
Always creative--and never imitative, Brooklyn is setting the trends for America and the world, so I'm thrilled that the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator (BFDA) in Williamsburg, the epicenter of the epicenter, will bring together our city's most imaginative minds to generate the cutting-edge designs of the future.
This year, the college is also sending 20 students from lowA[degrees]income families for internA[degrees] ship to the University of Technology Mara, Malaysia, facilitated by the Sheik Salim al Ariami International Internship Scheme as part of CCE's annual CSR imitative.
Sudan has approved of an imitative by African Union (AU) mediator Thabo Mbeki to lower tension between the two countries and address their grievances.
And if we're honest, margarine doesn't taste like butter; it has the unsettling and insidious taste of an imitative product.
Iran brushed aside the offer and it was soon forgotten--so completely forgotten that many reporters thought the mention of it by Obama was some brand new imitative.
We are delighted that by this simple imitative we have been able to raise awareness about the curse of starvation," he said.
The name of this new paint product evokes the end result: a surface imitative of a hand-hammered metal.
It is expected that the imitative will be completed in two months time.
Shtayeh said that the Kuwaiti imitative is significant because it will house tens of thousands of Palestinians and create dozens of jobs, which also means developing the Palestinian economy by increasing the housing and real estate share in the GPD, which currently stands at 21%.
President Bank gave assurance to the delegation that employees right will always be safeguarded and expressed hope that similar imitative will be taken in future as well and merit culture will be promoted.
Also discussed are key architects, imitative mass-produced housing and streamlined semi-detached houses, and the unique features of the style's doors, windows, rooms, interior decorations, furniture, fixtures, and fittings.