imitation leather

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fabric made to look like leather

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Three of the four production lines produce PVC sheets with an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons each and one for imitation leather with an annual capacity of 6,000 tons.
On Saturday, September 20, Day Timer organizers in imitation leather, a $30 value, will be sold for only 99 cents to the first 99 customers
The interior has seats upholstered in black imitation leather with orange contrast stitching, a three-spoke steering wheel and 'flashlight edition' floor mats.
In this form, it is also used in plumbing, electrical cable insulation, imitation leather, signage, inflatable products and many applications where it replaces rubber.
The hardcover book will be housed in imitation leather with foil stamping.
com Leather trousers PS110 Next Imitation leather leggings PS14.
I succumbed to the even worse fashion mistake of imitation leather trousers once.
The rockers are highly modern multimedia chairs made out of imitation leather that is easy to clean.
While the main focus of the revamp is on the exterior, there are changes inside the car too - like a new interior package in crystal grey, including a fresh leather/fabric combination for the seats and black imitation leather for the instrument panel.
This attractive imitation leather bound volume presents collected excerpts from the works of famed travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux (The Great Railway Bazaar, Mosquito Coast).
The sample charges related to 15 different products found in the shop, including bogus Chanel purses and Chloe handbags, which had been made with imitation leather.
The handbag is described as brown imitation leather with pockets either end.
The PVC is heat resistant and inflexible, therefore, it is widely used for pipes and construction materials and cable insulation and imitation leather.
I for imitation leather mag basket, pounds 15, (www.