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used especially of leaves or bracts

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In both chapters, Rift, in demonstrates how the legacies of US imperialism are imbricated in these question of realness and the regulating logics of blood quantum.
Cywes also holds certifications in LAP-BAND[R] Bariatric Surgery, Imbricated LapBand, Gastric Sleeve Surgery and Covidien Masters Bariatric Surgery.
And that economic exploitation is deeply imbricated with death.
Implicit in the framework of the book is the new historiography of Jewish-Christian relations and the mutually imbricated history of Judaism and Christian now taken for granted by many scholars.
Though religious practices in contemporary Japan may be diffused and diverse, they are nonetheless deeply imbricated in the daily lives (and deaths) of the majority of the population.
The Study area is a part of the Kot-Pranghar Melange Zone, which is comprised of rocks of ophiolitic sequence and is located at the northern tip of the Indian plate in the vicinity of Indus Suture Zone (ISZ) or Main Mantle Thrust (MMT) along which a thick imbricated melange zone of greenschist, blueschist, and serpentinite intervenes between the Kohistan Arc and the Indian Plate.
Their position was further imbricated by the communal inclusion of Eurafrican Jews who, under specific conditions, could secure white status for their grandchildren.
One is left to wonder, though, if what is at stake is not so much an omission as the demonstration of the fallacy of this "distributed agency" imbricated in what Noland calls "the concrete materialities of a singular body and a precise environment" (113).
They reflected attitudes and procedures which were deeply imbricated in the local culture: codes of silence and vendetta; popular justice: intimidation, ridicule, public humiliation, mutilation and lynching.
The detailed structure of the easternmost syncline, the La Rovira syncline, involving both the imbricated Silurian and Devonian rocks and the Ordovician rocks, is well constrained because it was drilled during the construction of the La Rovira road tunnel (Fig.
What relevance, then, does the work of the Frankfurt School (FS), so deeply imbricated in a critical engagement with the aesthetics of modernism, the politics of fascism and the economies of Fordist capitalism, hold for today's new media art?
Lowrie emphasizes that "Echo repeats, and is a model of imbricated structure, while Narcissus [.
Arguing that being Caucasian is not the same as being white, the first a scientific and genealogical rather than social term which is easily "overwhelmed by a constellation of cultural values placed on blackness and whiteness" throughout the novels he studies, Duvall prefaces his study with a wish to explore a "metaphysics of class privilege" (60) predicated on "a series of imbricated relations between racial and other forms of otherness, particularly that of gender/sexuality and class" (2).
Multilevel voltage inverters with imbricated switching cells are destined to high and very high-power applications.
But, is this irony or a much imbricated reality of Caribbean tropicality in the twenty first century?