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Synonyms for imbecilic

Synonyms for imbecilic

having a mental age of three to seven years

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Cricket fans wait years for a Test match to produce a thrilling outcome, only for truly imbecilic rules to bring the fun to a sudden halt, and people just shrug and say: "Well, those are the rules I suppose.
But further than that, when you lose poets it means you could be quickly surrounded by officially imbecilic citoyens without the required poetic disinfectant to cool they nonsense out.
In a letter to Soulpepper's Artistic Director Albert Schultz and his Board of Directors Beagen writes "the portrayal of the imbecilic actor in costume as an 'Indian' in the Fantasticks was so offensive to me that I actually had to concentrate on breathing.
They marched peacefully as they confronted security forces armed with tear gas, shields, batons, and when the stakes were higher, shotguns, live rounds, snipers, and crazed if somewhat imbecilic thugs.
This method of "treating" a problem by ignoring it has gone on too long, and the fact that it's going on when it's now a matter of national debate is imbecilic.
How illogical, how imbecilic when he was touting for work And I had never, ever set eyes on him in my life before
It's the same imbecilic stereotyping that sees the Scots labelled mean, the French arrogant, the Italians cowardly, the Irish unintelligent, the Germans pushy, and the Dutch high as kites on dodgy substances.
The Cold War followed, Americans did become more conservative and supportive of an imbecilic arms race, and militaries and military pacts grew and grew in size.
An impressionable boy, and his imbecilic father, will congratulate themselves on their contempt for authority.
Candidates come to mind: imbecilic, moronic, catatonic, Pollyannaish, blind, incurious.
Having been in Bahrain most of my life, I am astonished to see that an elected body of representatives have decided, to focus on such imbecilic issues as mannequins in shops, while children are not going to school, riots and murders are occurring on a regular basis, and crime is on the rise like never before on our quaint island.
But even if they are ultimately rejected, why should the industry be expected to waste money dealing with proposals that a 10-year-old child would have told them were imbecilic, if they'd bothered to ask.
It is sung, played, and written for the most part by cretinous goons and by means of its almost imbecilic reiteration, and sly, lewd, in plain fact, dirty lyrics .
This plays conveniently into the hands of Israeli hard-liners and their supporters in America, subverting the one thing all Palestinians have in common - a longing for the restoration of their legitimate rights - to imbecilic feuds over how to proceed.
On the other hand, Sacha Baron Cohen's follow-up to "Borat," "Bruno: Silly Gay Character Humiliates Unwitting Imbecilic Fashion Designers for to Make Americans More Antipathy to German Eurotrash," may also be affected.