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being or thrown out of equilibrium


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They say that about half of the total population of Pakistan would not be having their tall height like their forefathers due to the imbalanced diets and food shortage in Pakistan during the next 15 years.
Not many people know that a compromised immune system is an imbalanced immune system.
Vejseli stressed that there is real possibility the number of Albanian MPs to reduce due to the imbalanced electoral districts.
The study proposes a continuum of team creativity and different combinations of domain expertise possessed by the team members such that teams with more balanced domain expertise are more likely to produce more creative outcome than a team where its members consist imbalanced domain expertise.
Trees face a variety of threats today from climate change to harmful native and non-native species to imbalanced ecosystems.
However, Zahraman said that Hezbollah was taking imbalanced steps between the choice of allowing the state to pursue its role and the FPM's decision to boycott discussions.
Sitora Yusifiy told on Sunday she married to Mateen for four months in 2009 until her family was forced to "literally rescue" she after her imbalanced husband kept her "hostage".
We're pleased to see and support the increased funding requested for surface transportation infrastructure, but deeply troubled by a grossly imbalanced budget that would cut funding for maintenance and modernization of federal navigation channel--the critical waterside infrastructure that connect our ports and nation to the world marketplace.
Imbalanced data set (IDS) is the real observed data form which is prevalent in computer, economics, biology, medicine, and many other natural science fields.
The restrictions led to an imbalanced sex ratio because of a traditional preference for boys, and a strict enforcement that sometimes included forced abortions.
He describes the use of the oTexas systemo in the two countries, the early challenges they faced, the social context in terms of law enforcement, imbalanced gender ratios, and societal norms and values, the challenges in production and marketing of beef and compensating for failures in pasture management, the horse trade, diversification of operations, and the legacy.
Currently, Sri Lanka relies on massive imports of crude oil and other refined petroleum products in order to counter the rising demand, resulting in imbalanced trade.
Problems of imbalanced data are often observed in text classification because the number of positive samples is usually considerably smaller than that of negative samples.
It was a culmination of a lot of cricket and having an imbalanced perspective of what I needed to do to succeed," said Trott.
They key with China is to continue to simply press them on those areas where trade is imbalanced, whether it's on their currency practices, whether it's on IP (intellectual-property) protection, whether it's on their state-owned enterprises," Obama said at a meeting of the President's Export Council.