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a hostel for pilgrims in Turkey

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Another possibility might be that it denotes the Haseki Medrese or imaret, which must have been nearly completed at that time.
The Nuruosmaniye Complex was built next to the Bedesten, in a commercially active and very busy area and consists of a mosque, an imaret, medrese, kutuphane, turbe, cegme, sebil, and arasta (Figure 4, 5) that spread out on both sides of a very crowded street and stands like an annex to the commercially active area.
The stately imaret and the noble, majestic medrese (imaret-i amire ile medrese-i latif ve medrese-i munife).
the honorable mosque with a new style and the virtuous medrese and the imaret.
pleasant class-room, lofty library, an ornate room [office], a prosperous imaret, a finely crafted source of water [fountain] were built and erected with God's munificence and the will of the Prophet" (9).
In the courtyard of the mosque, there is a medrese, library, and imaret built where many people will be educated and benefit from, and they will pray for the patron's health and well being till eternity" (14).
He also donated numerous charitable and state structures including mosques, imarets (public soup kitchens), bridges, and aqueducts (Brill 1993:441).
Later he married an Egyptian, after some years of marriage and one boy and one girl he left her and moved seeking better job in the United Arab Imarets where he met his third wife.
The ceremony was also attended by participants in the functions of 8th Arab Gathering of environment officials currently held in Jamahiriya with the participation of more than ( 40 ) Scout leaders from ( 12 ) Scouting Associations from Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Syria, , Algeria, Mauritania, Sudan, the Imarets , Palestine and Oman , in addition to great Jamahiriya.