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Imaginatively written and colorfully illustrated for young readers 5 through 7 by Barbara Sala, Celestine And The Magical Geranium is the picturebook of a young girl and the geranium seed that will touch her life forever.
Concluding that the map is 'at once empirically rooted and imaginatively liberated and liberating', he makes the case for the map as a prosthetic extension of the human body, highlighting the significance of digital mapping technologies not as new, but as the continuation of an important thread of architectural discourse.
The exhibits are imaginatively displayed and profoundly informative.
The authors imaginatively combine written documents, fieldwork observations and subjective reactions, and theory.
A sharp professional staff will tailor imaginatively themed pursuits for delegates or spouse programs such as Home of Golf Tours, Highland Safari, Castle Tours, distillery tours, clay pigeon shooting, off road driving, falconry, salmon and trout fishing.
In Oslo, Sverre Fehn has completed a new Photography Museum, imaginatively inserted into an old depot in a former naval base, and in Melbourne, Wood Marsh Architects have designed a new centre for contemporary art, which forms part of the major ongoing redevelopment of Federation Square.
But since the gag is about the mass marketing of drecky pop culture, its brainless, wallpaper quality seems more like an astute assessment of today's commercial teen scene than a failure to imaginatively flesh out.
The "Most Innovative Use of Technology" award was established to recognize companies that can demonstrate that they have thought imaginatively about technology to solve business problems.
As with other Szyszkowitz-Kowalski buildings, the layering of the visible construction is imaginatively exploited for its depth and texture without the building being in any sense a consistent exercise in structural truthfulness.
One would think that, even in the oppressively domesticated '50s, a woman of such independent mind and ability would have expressed herself more imaginatively.
The Parents' Choice Awards Committees seek out and recommend products that help kids grow -- imaginatively, physically, morally and mentally -- and that are fun, safe, and socially sound.
Nevertheless, Raoul Ruiz's French language film intelligently and imaginatively strives to approximate the style and feeling of the book, which concluded the seven-part, semi-autobiographical novel.
Exploring a series of serendipitous connections, De Paor's modest yet meticulously constructed pavilion imaginatively links myth and history, art and architecture, territory and the commodificatio n of ground, Ireland and Venice.
The Foundation's purpose is to search out and recommend fairly priced products that help kids grow -- imaginatively, physically, morally and mentally -- and that are fun, safe, and socially sound.
While the concept for a signature tower was hatched in Paris, Portzamparc, relying on his earlier impressions of jazzy New York night life during a sabbatical from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, has succeeded in inventing a sculptural form that nevertheless imaginatively conforms to the reality of its urban context.