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David Weinstone is a talented, multi-faceted, independent children's recording artist whose latest release is "Taxi" showcasing his original music that imaginatively spans and encompasses diverse musical styles.
White and black cultural components come into play inextricably, fusing into what Ortiz imaginatively calls blanquinegra folklore--"white-black" folklore (rendered in this edition as "both black and white Cuban folklore" [xvii]).
Strong plays detective Frank Agnew, investigating the death of a man in an Edinburgh Chinese restaurant, imaginatively drowned in a tank of live lobsters.
Not only is the development set in a desirable location close to lots of amenities, but it also features some of our most imaginatively designed housestyles including the last remaining Lythe homes.
In contrast to Bourne's work, dance has to be danced--really danced, imaginatively danced, with genuine choreographic invention.
In their recent programme of embassy building in Third World countries, the Dutch are acquiring a reputation for promoting architecture that responds imaginatively to local culture, climate and sensitivities.
The decor will include imaginatively displayed natural images, such as illuminated stone-clad columns, wood-framed architectural highlights and "marble carpets" of stone resembling sand.
Fay Godwin's photographs were about the real world and real people, but imaginatively transformed and enhanced by a sensitive, perceptive and often ironic and critical eye," said Paul Hill, Professor of Photography at De Montfort University, Leicester, and a close friend of Godwin.
What caught my eye were a couple of the 'credentials' that the NGRC is seeking in the new man - 'demonstrable communications skills to ensure effective liaison between the NGRC, representative bodies and the press and media' and 'the ability to think imaginatively and proactively about short- and long-term issues'.
Beautifully observed, imaginatively filmed debut feature from Mexican filmmaker Fernando Eimbcke.
Imaginatively written by Marianne Markarian for young readers ages 8 to 12, "The Pesky Bird" is an entertaining story with a theme about social acceptance, set in a small Armenian village in the early 1900s.
Waugh understood the way we enter into other people's lives imaginatively through art, through good writing.
REPEAT TO FADE Barfly, Glasgow, August 27 ##### The imaginatively titled Star got this set off to a flying start and received a favourable reaction.
He would then tell her to draw imaginatively, using her personal experiences at the beach.
It has been imaginatively extended over recent years from a smaller period cottage.