image compression

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the compression of graphics for storage or transmission

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It's now possible to appreciate the full set of proprietary XDepth image compression technologies, featuring Raw, 48-bit and HDR Jpeg-compatible image compression systems now included in XDepth Raw Converter.
Barnsley described his scheme for image compression recently in Chicago at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
The '603 patent extends to a system for lossless compression of digital images and describes a method for improving image compression by applying adaptive techniques to achieve significant compression gains over currently known methods.
CDNX: IPZ) announced today that it will wind-down operations of its unified messaging business and focus its efforts on the development and commercialization of its core image compression business.
Image Power (CDNX: IPZ) today announced that JBIG2 compression technology has been officially approved as an ITU (International Telecommunications Union) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) international standard for bi-level (black/white) image compression.
In addition, A2 integrates an image processing pipeline, still image compression, audio compression and all key system functions.
This effect was overcome by the application of image compression technology, which allowed interactive frame rates to be maintained for larger windows.
JPEG 2000 is the next generation still image compression standard for continuous tone color compression.
TOKYO -- NTT Electronics(NEL), an industry leader in image compression technology, today announced that it had submitted high-definition MPEG-2 encoder/decoder products for testing by CBS, one of the three major network broadcasters in the United States, and that the products have demonstrated their suitability for high-definition TV electronic news gathering (ENG) use.
inSilicon Corporation (Nasdaq:INSN) -- a provider of communications technology for complex systems-on-chip -- has announced the release of their newest image compression semiconductor intellectual property, the JPEG2000 Encoder.
6 of its Venturi(TM) web accelerators which now includes image compression.
Analog Devices' JPEG2000 chip is the industry's only image compression chip that meets the rigorous encoding and decoding capabilities required by DCI," said Camille Rizko, Technology Director, Doremi Labs.
VSE: IPZ), a leading provider of next generation still image compression technology, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with the University of British Columbia (UBC) for the development of a new wavelet color codec compliant with the JPEG2000 Committee Draft (CD).
The DTS Digital Cinema Encoder uniquely utilizes JPEG 2000 image compression with DTS Variable Bit Rate(TM) (DTS-VBR) encoding, to produce the highest quality images for D-Cinema, with file sizes between 30 and 50 percent smaller than competing systems.