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Synonyms for illustration

Synonyms for illustration

Synonyms for illustration

artwork that helps make something clear or attractive

showing by example

an item of information that is typical of a class or group

a visual representation (a picture or diagram) that is used make some subject more pleasing or easier to understand

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They are worthy to rank with Cruikshank's illustrations of Jack Sheppard and The Tower of London, as mementoes of the little old smokeless London before the century of Johnson, though that, too, as Dr.
He smoked on again, and again removed the pipe, using it to point at the POLICE GAZETTE illustration.
It happened that Ernest had blundered on an apposite illustration.
This and similar illustrations or explanations are put forth, not for their own sake, or as an exposition of Plato's theory of ideas, but with a view of showing that poetry and the mimetic arts are concerned with an inferior part of the soul and a lower kind of knowledge.
In Chile I was told an anecdote, which I believe was true; and it offers a good illustration of the use of a well-broken animal.
The truth and grandeur of their thought is proved by its scope and applicability, for it commands the entire schedule and inventory of things for its illustration.
Today all the significance of his book rose before him with special distinctness, and whole periods ranged themselves in his mind in illustration of his theories.
There's Haredale's niece, your late flame,' said Mr Chester, as a careless illustration of his meaning.
This new illustration of his argument so tickled Kit, that he fell backward in his chair in a state of exhaustion, pointing at the baby and shaking his sides till he rocked again.
Then Dorcas went on, in her simple and earnest way, to furnish illustrations.
Her strong character and aggressive and commanding ways compelled Tom's admiration in spite of the fact that he got more illustrations of them than he needed for his comfort.
By selecting for his illustrations one feature from one lady and another from another, Messer Firenzuola builds up an ideal of the Beautiful Woman, which, were she to be possible, would probably be as faultily faultless as the Perfect Woman, were she possible.
Among other illustrations of its truth which might be cited, Scotland will furnish a cogent example.
However, the author has told me that the work is old-fashioned, since, nowadays, books are issued with illustrations and embellishments of different sorts (though I could not make out all that he said).
How will they feel on seeing the illustrations to the sea novels of our day, or of our yesterday?