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Among other volumes of verse on the top shelf of the bookcase, of which I used to look at the outside without penetrating deeply within, were Pope's translation of the Iliad and the Odyssey, and Dryden's Virgil, pretty little tomes in tree-calf, published by James Crissy in Philadelphia, and illustrated with small copper-plates, which somehow seemed to put the matter hopelessly beyond me.
My father thoroughly believed in it, and he had his beliefs as to work, which he illustrated as soon as we were old enough to learn the trade he followed.
Carey took him into his study, showed him the shelf in which he kept illustrated works, and chose for him one that dealt with Rome.
Major Thomson sat upright in his easy-chair, an illustrated paper in his hand.
The second point is illustrated by the old discussion as to whether it can be said that day causes night, on the ground that day is always followed by night.
The two possibilities may be illustrated by an example.
The collaborative project of author Mark Drenth and illustrated Abner Cardona, "California Illustrated: History, Culture, Food, Animals, Insects, National Forests, Activities and Sticker Fun" is a unique compendium of information on and about California that includes 253 colorful stickers.
In the 'Children's Book of the Year' category, the shortlisted books are: I'm the Superdot by Laila Zahed, illustrated by Angela Nurpetlian and published by Turning Point (Lebanon); Hamada, the Happiness Maker by Samah Abobakr Ezzat, illustrated by Sahar Abdallah and published by Al Borj Media Publishing and Distribution (UAE); Something in my Hand, written by Hayfa Sawarka, illustrated by Maya Fidawi and published by Al Salwa Publishers (Jordan); and Two Homes Instead of One by Lorca Sbeity, illustrated by Mona Yakzan and published by Dar Al Saqi (Lebanon).
With the publication of "Bread Illustrated: A Step-By-Step Guide to Achieving Bakery-Quality Results At Home", the editorial staff of America's Test Kitchen have now produced an beautifully illustrated compendium of do-it-yourself instructions on baking breads, rolls, flatbreads, and more at home.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 21, 2016-The Keyes Merges with Florida Real Estate Firm Illustrated Properties
The Illustrated Modern Library, published during and shortly after the Second World War, was a series of high-quality illustrated books priced within the means of the average book buyer.
Tenders are invited for Designers for designing of page layout with composing of text cover jacket for printing and publication of the following age-old illustrated manuscripts in book form with an quality of International Standard.
Following the colorfully illustrated story keeps interest high as young readers learn more about English verb usage, including basic definition of verbs, action and being verbs, past, present, and future tense, progressive tense, irregular verbs, main verbs, and helping verbs.
BECKER, Bonnie, The Sniffles for Bear, Illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton.
written by The Central Coast of Labrador Archaeology Partnership, illustrated by Cynthia Colosimo (Flanker Press)