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  • verb

Synonyms for illustrate

Synonyms for illustrate

to demonstrate and clarify with examples

to serve as an example, image, or symbol of

to make clear or clearer

Synonyms for illustrate

supply with illustrations

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A number of other websites can also be considered to illustrate methods in practice that might interest students.
Murphy utilizes such sources as Cristofano Bertelli's print, The Ages of Women (1582), Cesare Vecellio's fashion prints from his Habiti antiche e moderni (1590), and Andrea Alciati's emblems (1546), in combination with paintings and drawings by well-known artists to suggest that the popular and inexpensive print medium illustrates what was expected of women in terms of their comportment and appearance during this period, as well as postulating that women were also "socialized" by these works.
Schafer's picture illustrates 10 movie images that, according to the period's Hollywood Production Code, you just couldn't show unless the Code's enforcers cut you a break.
The photographs that illustrate the book make this story of extraordinary courage and determination come even more alive.
1375) on mathematical planetary theory is used to illustrate the chapter on cosmology (p.
These have a soft warmth which is appropriate for his topics: The stories he illustrates are mainly family stories.
A wider range of dances would have been welcome, even as excerpts (the dances in Part 2, particularly, are rather long); one could also carp about the occasional picture that does not illustrate the narration.
From a coloring picture illustrating principles of horizontal convergence and foreshortening in art, to a hydrogen atm circled by an electron to illustrate subatomic particles, to a simple picture of Einstein himself playing his the violent, Art + Science is a one-of-a-kind eclectic coloring and learning experience, highly recommended as an educational rainy-day activity.
Lotte Hellinga also directed the plan to illustrate the ISTC on CD-ROM, launched in 1994 as Project Incipit, managed by Margaret Meserve.
Figures 3-5 illustrate what is implied by the three solidification shrinkage types defined in Table 1.