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Synonyms for illusory

Synonyms for illusory

of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality

tending to lead one into error

tending to deceive; of the nature of an illusion

Synonyms for illusory

based on or having the nature of an illusion


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An illusory correlation is formed when a person perceives an association between two variables (e.
They come from Thoughtless Reality, direct from Source, keeping us alert and reminding us of our true identity, so that the attractions of the illusory world are kept at bay", said Ann.
Eight chapters are: floating light and illusory shadows; places and patrons; beneath thatched roofs and amid waves; to place oneAEs mind in the assembly; raising old expedients; body and mind like an iron wall; brushes and inkstones; capturing charisma.
The present study examines the extent to which illusory superiority exists among soccer fans in judgments of both themselves and their fellow ingroup members in comparison to rival fans.
Being proud of one's past and one's culture is not illusory nationalism it is - careful now - it is patriotism.
Summary: DUBAI - Lars Seier Christensen, co-chief executive officer of Danish bank Saxo Bank, said the euro's recent rally is illusory and the shared currency is set to fail because the continent hasn't supported it with a fiscal union.
The introduction has thus become illusory and merely promotive of false hopes.
She said: "The pros of inheriting great wealth, I believe, are largely illusory and can become pathological.
Washington, May 2 ( ANI ): Researchers have explored the neural bases of illusory motion in Akiyoshi Kitaoka's striking optical illusion, dubbed "Rotating Snakes.
Syrian Consultative Center for Studies and Human Rights: Illusory Organizations were Invented to Stoke Instigation against Syria The Syrian Consultative Center for Studies and Human Rights said that illusory organizations were invented under the pretext of protecting human rights with the aim to further stoke misleading campaigns against Syria, namely the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Illusory pattern perception is a specific type of cognitive distortion; seeing interrelationships in meaningless static.
It is not exciting at all for a Lebanese to feel at the peak of a suffocating economic crisis that he is in an illusory state run by an illusory government which is negotiating with an illusory labor union to obtain at the end of long and exciting negotiations a cost-of-living increase in his monthly salary that sums up all these illusions and produces a new mirage," Noureddin said in his column on Thursday.
The adventure of fabricating illusory sequences of adjectives is fraught with near misses (which are, of course, really "near hits").
Set in the northern area of New Hampshire that once declared itself an independent nation, Quinnehtukqut is a novel about the real and illusory trials facing Martha Hennessy, a girl wishing to experience life past her humdrum family farm.
By fair means or foul (mostly foul), regimes throughout the post-Soviet region have mastered the art of simulated democratic politics, replete with fake political parties, spectral politicians, illusory competition, and manipulated outcomes.